Tests That Could Save Your Life

Almost half the women of all ages in America have never had any of these tests that have been proven to save lives. It could be for lack of insurance or ignorance of how beneficial these tests are. Most tests aren’t required until 40 years of age. Take a good look and see if you are of an age to benefit from them.

Tests That Could Save your Life

Only 51% of women over 40 get an annual mammogram, many women of all ages have never had a mammogram. But this is a screening that can save many lives. If detected early breast cancer can almost always be arrested with surgery or radiation. Make it your next screening to request if you are over 40 and haven’t had one in the last two years. Try to have a digital one. They are preferred. If you have breast or cervical cancer in your family, start screening at 30.

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Have a full body skin check with a dermatologist every year. if you are fair skinned or have family members who had skin cancer you are more prone. Watch for unusual moles or new spots. You can see how at:

Your ob-gyn will do a pelvic exam at check-up time but see your doctor as soon as possible if you have bloating, pelvic pain or an urgent need to urinate for more than two weeks. Also report any spotting.

Have a blood sugar test even if you don’t have diabetes. High insulin levels are associated with skin cancer, urinary tract infections. Get a fasting glucose test at 45 or earlier if you are over weight or have diabetes in your family.

After 30 women should have a pap smear every three years. Ask for an HPV as well. Getting both is 51 percent effective at detecting precancerous cervical lesions that the pap smear alone won’t detect.

A colonoscopy should be done at 50 years of age. You only need one every 10 years if you have no risk factors. Have them earlier and more often if you have colon cancer in your family.

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  1. A very helpful information than can save lives.

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  4. So many things to check. Great guide.

  5. I turn 40 this year and plan to take a ammogram every year.
    My mom got a thing in the mail from her insurance company that they wanted you to put fecal matter on whatever they sent her and they said it is a home colon cancer test.

  6. Yes, all these tests are very important to prevent serious illnesses.

  7. sound and excellent suggestions. It has become very important for women to go for a full health check-up each year owing to the rise of cancers and other ailments!!

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  17. We should never miss a check up. If caught early enough, most of these cancers can be taken care of.

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