The Rewards of Training Your Vaginal Muscles

When you contract the muscle, the stimulation spreads through the surrounding tissues—giving the powerfully sensitive clitoris another boost. Result: better orgasms.

Why does the stronger muscle give you more sensations during sex?  The answer lies in the deeply buried nerve endings in the vagina.  It takes strong pressure to stimulate these nerves.  If the muscle is lax, the penis barely makes contact with your vaginal walls.  But if the muscle is taut, the penis rubs strongly against the walls and transmits ecstatic messages along your vagina.  When you contract the muscle, the stimulation spreads through the surrounding tissues—giving the powerfully sensitive clitoris another boost.  Result: better orgasms.

Many societies and exotic cultures know about the magic of this muscle and how to work it.  In a few African tribes, girls are not permitted to marry until they demonstrate that their vaginas contract strongly.  The Indian Ananga Ranga sex manual instructs:

She must ever strive to close and constrict the Yoni (vagina) until she holds the Lingam (penis) as with a finger – opening and shutting at her pleasure…This can only be learned at great practice and especially by throwing the will into the part affected… Her husband will then, value her above all women, nor would he exchange her for the most beautiful queen in three worlds.  So lovely and pleasant to the man is she-who-constricts.

“She-who-constricts” is also increasing her own sensations, so both are happy.

First, see if you can recognize your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle contraction.  Since the PC muscle also acts to stop urination, this observation can easily be made in the bathroom.  Try to stop your urine flow.  If you can (and anyone should be able to), you will recognize which muscles are in play.  Then learn to contract them under other circumstances.  To be sure you’re not using the weaker outer muscles to halt your urine, try the maneuver with your knees wide apart.  Did it work?  Now you’re sure that it’s the right muscle.

“Once the contraction is learned,” says childbirth expert Dr. Mary Jane Hungerford, “it takes a little more effort than to close an eye.  In fact, it can be done as rapidly as you open and shut an eye, though when exercising, the contraction should be held for about two seconds.”

Here’s how to exercise the PC:

  • Begin by doing five or ten contractions before you get out of bed each morning.
  • Also repeat the contractions whenever urinating.  “With good control,” remarks Dr. Hungerford, “urine can be released a teaspoon at a time.”
  • As soon as you feel ready, try to have six “sexercise” periods a day – try to do ten contractions each time.
  • Step up the program week by week—go to twenty contractions per session until you reach a total of three hundred contractions a day.
  • By the time you have been contracting for six weeks, your muscle should be well developed.  Even within the first three weeks, many women delightedly report thrills during intercourse.

Once you feel that you have good muscle control, it isn’t necessary to continue the deliberate contractions.  Your magic muscle will maintain itself once it is strong and healthy.  Orgasm will keep the PC contracting happily away.

Now, with your taut new vagina, you should experience more erotic stimulation during intercourse.  In addition to adding to your pleasure, these sexercises help prepare you for easy, natural childbirth, if you should ever want easy, natural childbirth.  Until then, a happy Yoni and a thrilled Lingam to you and your lover.


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