The Risk of Alcohol for Women

Why is it so terrible when drunk girls, girls, women? Is drinking when a boy, is it good?Of course, this is monstrous, and not in any way not permitted. Alcohol is deadly for the growing organism, in any case, no sex differences. But there is always something else.

why girls should not drink

Psychological and physical trauma of sexual violence at the age of 13-16 years may lead to the fact that in the future, a woman permanently loses the ability to get at least some pleasure from sexual relations.

In addition, early sex is usually very uninteresting – so just for girls. It is the perfect truth, and if you deny it, just because nothing else is yet seen. For girls age 13-15 sex – it’s just physical exercise in an uncomfortable position to maintain self-esteem.Everything would be okay, if drunk on these same exercises are often not taken place anyhow where, anyhow, and with anyone anyhow.

And any unsafe sex is fraught with consequences – both in the form of disease, and in the form of useless pregnancies. So, she wins the pregnancy, drink some pills, falls on abortion – anything just to get rid of “IT.” But the woman – not a stray cat, any crime against his own health, sooner or later backfire thrice.

why girls should not drink

Well, in addition, alcohol tupeyut. And in a company where all drink alcohol regularly, quietly, followed one another, and all degraded. A stupefied, osolovevshy, degraded man can not properly love – he, after all, the heart is already taken. Someone out there beer, someone – vodka. I particularly stylish and elegant – a martini.

Third, create a family, there is generally very simple.

Sign the register office with the boon companion – is simple enough. What will come of it, afraid even to think.

Fourth, to give birth to children. And leave them in the nursing home.

This is the worst. It is well known that alcohol adversely affects human reproduction.However, men and women are in a very unequal position.

It’s simple: the sperm produced by men and women are given an egg once in the womb, and in a certain amount. If a woman’s egg is injured, it’s forever, it is no longer able to perform all functions necessary for pregnancy. If the defective eggs is too much, against the backdrop of an emaciated body and poisoned it will lead to permanent infertility or miscarriages, to early menopause and the birth of disabled children and non-viable.

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  1. Not all girls drink. My sister, mom and I do not drink. I want to be in control of what I do at all times.

  2. Wow, great information here..thanks :D

  3. Wow. Her head is in the toilet. This seems to be extreme. I’ve seen movies with people turning whole bottles up and drinking. I never went to a party like that or though to do that. That’s how some come up with alcohol poisoning and die even. Very informative article.

  4. My first comment didn’t go through but thanks for the vital information. :)

  5. thanku so much for this great share!

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  7. Thanks for the information well written article

  8. Thanks for the information well written article………..

  9. Then, I guess it is a good thing I’m not drinking.

  10. thank god i don’t drink and never want to :)

  11. good article…loved the picture of the woman hanging her head in the toliet

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