The Sex is Not Playing! Look How Easily You Can Get Pregnant!

Before the fun begins the weekend, I draw attention to myths about contraception, which disturb young minds, making them commit mistakes of the May severe.

Before the fun begins the weekend, I draw attention to myths about contraception, which disturb young minds, making them commit mistakes of the May severe. 

So do not let yourself carried away, read the lines below and do not leave the club without a condom in his pocket.

1. Do not get pregnant if you have sex standing up

You can get pregnant having sex in any position . During ejaculation, sperm is projected at a distance rather than just to facilitate the sperm meeting the egg. Therefore, while you stand up, cheerful little swimmers will submit to the uterus and then in May on, they know where it is going. And they go, even if much of your sperm will leak out the legs, a few minutes after orgasm.

Cu sexul nu-i de joaca! Uite ce usor poti ramane insarcinata!

2. It’s my first sexual contact, not at all to stay pregnant!

Wrong! Do not get caught in the trap the others words that urges you to have sex without any worry that nothing happened to theirfirst date. There might not have their luck. Even if you were a virgin, as long as a quantity of sperm has come into your vagina, the sperm will cut its certainly the way to the uterus.

3. During menstruation can not get pregnant

It’s true, is generally not possible to get pregnant during your period given that it is time to remove the egg fertilized with membranous lining of the uterus (which is formed in anticipation of a baby per month). When fertilization occurs, remove everything from the vagina. However, in some cases, when the cycle is short, that is 21-24 days, ovulation, ie the period of peak fertility, it can still take place when May bleed.

4. I wash my vagina after he ejaculated in me and I have no worries

Brushing has no connection with the mission of sperm and its way to the uterus. Immediately after ejaculation, vigorous sperm to the egg beginning to swim, so the moment you start to wash, they will probably be the end of the road.

5. Do not get pregnant if ejaculation occurred only in the vagina

Another mistake is to believe that the burden of youth is installed only in certain positions, which favor the deposit sperm closer to the uterus. It is truly a woman of 30 years is not as fertile as it was 20 years , which is why they have launched a series of tricks to ease the process of conception. For young people, however, things are slightly different, and a task can be installed more easily. Even when ejaculation occurred near the vagina. This explains the fact that there are young virgins and … Pregnant!

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