The Ways Sugar Destroy Our Health

Sometimes I consume too much candy or sweet bread, I must write and remember below article to avoid consuming too much sugar.

The Ways Sugar Destroy Our Health

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According Nancy Appleton, Ph.D, the writer of “Lick The Sugar Habits”, if somebody consume too much sugar, it will affect his/ her metabolism system. I have read several times that consuming sugar for a long time is not good for our health. How does sugar affect our health? Here are 20 points that may explain us the way sugar threatens our health: 
1. Sugar can pressure immunity system and destroy body immunity against infection.
2. Sugar will disrupt the connections between minerals in the body, so the body may lack chromium and copper. Sugar also prohibits the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
3. Sugar will increase adrenalin quickly, so it will increase hyperactive and anxiety, make people who consume it too much difficult to concentrate and easily offended.
4. Sugar increase bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, while lowering HDL (good cholesterol).
5. Sugar will reduce the function and elasticity of blood tissues. 
6. Too much sugar will disrupt our sight.
7. Too much sugar will cause digestive problem. 
8. Consuming too much sugar will cause early aging. 
9. Consuming too much sugar will destroy tooth and gum. 
10. Sugar is the best food for cancer cell (breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, etc. )
11. Sugar will trigger auto immune disease, like arthritis, and various kind of sclerosis.
12. Sugar could fertilize “Candida albicans” (kind of fungi).
13. Sugar may cause stone in urinary channel, appendicitis, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
14.  Too much sugar will reduce percentage of vitamin E in the body.
15. Sugar may cause eczema (skin disease) in children.
16. Sugar may destroy the functions of pancreas, kidney and liver.
17. Sugar cause the imbalance of hormone (estrogen in men and worsen premenstrual syndrome in women).
18. Sugar will increase free radical. 
19. Consuming too much sugar will destroy DNA structure.
20. Consuming too much sugar will cause headache including migraine.

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  1. Sugar triggers my tonsillitis that’s why I stay away from it as much as possible. Excellent post!

  2. informative article

  3. We should take moderate quantity of sugar.

  4. Sugar should definitely be moderated, especially with children. Great write, Eunice!

  5. Wow! That’s enough to put me off sugar for life. I had no idea it was as harmful as that. I will have to make efforts to reduce my sugar consumption. A good article.


  6. Very informative article, I definitely need to cut back.

  7. I didn’t realise how dangerous it can be to our health, thanks for this informative and well written article Eunice.

  8. Agree with this. Instead of highly processed white sugar crystals, it may be beneficial to use ‘brown sugar’ (no, not the narcotic).

  9. great share friend…well written and thank u so much for sharing this fine one..

  10. thanks for the timely reminder my friend

  11. very very informative….thanks for the share….

  12. Informative post…thanks dear….

  13. sugar is a for me.. Great post!

  14. useful share

  15. You said it. Sugar is evil to our health in so many ways, and the worse part it is in almost everything we eat. If we were to cut back using it, it would not be so evil.
    Great Article

  16. Great Information :)

  17. Very informative, great share!

  18. This is an important article, many new facts I’ve learnt.

  19. very good information. I agree that sugar is quite harmful, maybe we should cut down on sugar though we cannot stop consuming sugar totally.

  20. We should watch what we eat. Thank you for the awareness :)

  21. Thanks for the useful information.

  22. And worst of all it makes you fat. Less sugar is always better. Great article.

  23. A very important info, thanks.

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  25. Ouch.. I just can not live without sugar…

  26. sweets are just tempting.

  27. Good sharing. It’s nice way to communicate & increase good writing also gets best opportunity online through comments.

  28. Sugar Rush is no good! Sweet!. I mean no more sweets.:)

  29. for today i will decrease the quantity of sugar that i took every day..

  30. Sugar is my favorite mistake..

  31. Nice article. Thank you.

  32. Nice info

  33. What is sugar good for?
    Sugar is sucrose that becomes glucose. Glucose is easily regulated by our body if we eat it regularly. If our levels are low and we get some glucose, the body does rush to consume it. But this is because glucose is so essential for us to live. Glucose is our energy. It keeps our body sustaining a regular temperature. Our brain thinks using glucose. The production of myelin requires glucose and its derivative, glucosamine. Collagen, the basic fabric of our body is made with glucose and glucosamine. Glucose contributes to transport monocytes. Diabetic people end up with poor defenses because of their poor glucose levels. Glucose and its derivative, glucosamine are essential for muscle formation. Two of our skin main components are collagen and elastin. Both need glucose and glucosamine to be formed. Without sugar our skin ages. In fact, without sugar our body ages much faster. Sugar is good for living, for thinking, and for the regeneration of our bodies. Yet, so many people preach against it.

  34. Ghunter,
    Your information actually is a good news. Thanks so much for adding.

  35. What and informative article.. thanks for sharing

  36. nice..i’m not into i had no problems so far. interesting topic^^

  37. Woww a great share!

  38. But if I ignored this information I’d be alright – right? :-)

  39. We had recently a warning about “magic sugar”, the killer sugar.
    Good awareness!

  40. Useful post.

  41. Sugar is bad for our health. It may cause over 50 diseases. Liked it.

  42. Scary, I need to reduce sugar consumption. Thanks for the nice sharing. :)

  43. Very informative article. Good that I don\’t eat much sugar.

  44. Sugar can ruin our immune system terribly. Thanks and liked it.

  45. I knew that Americans eat toomuch sugar, But, I was unaware of what the consequences are of eating too much sugar, Thanks for sharing.

  46. This will only reinforce my sugar anathema

  47. I cut candy to avoid sugar. I still have a problem to cut soft drink.

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