What is Most Exciting for a Man, Women Must Know

Do it all with great tenderness. Game sensation of the tongue, lips and mouth and your hand.

What is most exciting for a man
What is most exciting for a man with breasts partner? You would have guessed the answer. It’s all normal men must be like to play around with their partner’s breasts or breasts.

Start heating with breast play to its own pleasure both for the men and their partners. Kissing, licking, and sucking breasts crushing sensation that the couple is of course only you and your partner are able to feel it.

It’s just playing the breast is needed expertise. In addition to the above, there are many things you can do on your partner’s breasts. How sad your partner if you can not or do not know the right tricks in the play of her breasts.

The first step you can start with while occasionally touching her breasts. Perform in a circular motion. You can also occasionally kissing her breasts while whispering words of praise for their beauty or the firmness of your partner’s breasts. Remember women love to get compliments from their partner. Compliment you can make it more passionate and excited.

The next thing you can do is to lick her nipples. Touch the tip of her nipples with your tongue. Do it slowly and gently. Moisten the nipple and surrounding areas with your saliva and imagine you are enjoying a very delicious ice cream with your tongue and lips.

In wet conditions the nipples will feel “warm”. Then play your tongue on the nipple to the left, right, there oblique oblique here. This will surely make your partner because it favors mengeliat intolerable. Another tip is to stimulate the breasts to a combination of a kiss, lick, squeeze, and a straw.

Then you can bite her nipples but not too hard, unless it includes a thick and huge nipples you can bite a little harder. However, you still have to be careful because the nipples are very sensitive area. jangn until you bite it hurt him.

At the time of tender bites that your partner will feel the incredible pleasure. Remember not too long and hard bite because then it will feel sore nipples. I feels you can lick and wet it again as before. Thus nipples will cool again.
Another thing you can do is to “eat” her breasts. That the intent here is not to eat your meal as you eat the food but it is a way mengenyot bubble partner’s breasts had hardened since aroused.

Do it slowly, or you can perform the technique with “chew” the breast with your hand to play with a squeeze of her breasts gently around the area.

For women, what do you do it is like a baby that was suckling at his mother. Do it all with great tenderness. Game sensation of the tongue, lips and mouth and your hand on her breast will cause a sensation of great pleasure to be further stimulated his passion.

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