Why Use an Abdominal Binder After Abdominal Surgery?

This article is dedicated to my friend Brenda. I have worked with her for more than five years. She is a talented, thoughtful and loving person. Last year, 2010 has been a rough year for her. She had undergone several surgeries which includes a major abdominal surgery. She told me to encourage my patient’s to use “Abdominal Binder” if their surgeon’s recommended because it really helped her speedy recovery. Brenda this is for you.

What is an Abdominal Binder? Abdominal Binder is a garment made of different kinds of fibers, which can be elastic or inelastic, and majority of manufactured products has Velcro strap. This product is wrapped around the mid section of the abdomen. If you like web surfing, you will be surprised to know that there are different kinds of Abdominal Binders manufactured worldwide. It is designed for Abdominal Surgery, Pregnancy, Post partum, Hernias and Orthopedic patients. For this article, we will focus on Abdominal Surgery benefits.


Different surgeons have different views about the benefits of Abdominal Binder. Some are skeptical about it’s benefits, however, majority recommends it to their patients from the first post operative day until the time that the patient feels comfortable moving around without it.


Abdominal surgery is one of the major surgeries that will result in one or more incisions on your abdomen. Healing process can take 2 to 6 weeks or even longer, depending on how extensive your abdominal surgery and how fast your body can heal itself. Let me give you some information I have learned that might help you understand more about the importance of Abdominal Binder because this small piece of undergarment really serves many purposes.


 Wound healing is a process in which your skin is repairing itself after an injury. This process includes,  “Inflammation”, “Proliferation” and “Remodeling”. It is actually surprising to know that the Abdominal Binder will help your body recover or heal faster throughout the whole process.


During the “Inflammatory Phase” of wound healing, the compression effect  of the Abdominal Binder decrease blood flow to the incision and therefore prevent wound swelling. Just make sure that your binder is not too tight that it might cause constriction rather than compression. Swelling of cells in our body causes the release of mediator cells such as Bradykinin. This cells increases our sensitivity to pain, hence, more swelling means more pain. Compression also helps prevent bleeding.


 The Abdominal Binder helps in keeping your abdominal dressing or bandages in place.  Dressing can prevent wound contamination thus preventing wound infection. Sometimes patients who had abdominal surgery needs to have drains and the abdominal binder can help prevent accidental pulling of these drains. In my practice, I was taught to use safety pins to secure these drains. You can either pin it on the gown or on the binder.

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