Youthful Drug Derived From The “Yeast”

Youthful drug derived from the “yeast”

Usually the yeast used to make fermented or Tempe, who would have thought that the yeast can also be made in the formula to prevent the emergence of signs of aging. The team of researchers from John Hopkins University and National Taiwan University found that UNISEL organisms from yeast containing protein that can be used to inhibit the aging of skin cells. When the aging process occurs, the organism more rapidly aging and reduced lifespan.

Conversely when the function of proteins in yeast recovered, aging is slower.
Professor Geoff Buck, as the reports of he and other co-investigators have planned a study to find ways to slow the aging process at the biochemical molecule.
The effect of slowing the aging process in getting from acetylation of the call, the addition of acetyl molecules present on. Acetylation can radically alter the function of proteins that allow organisms to adapt to environmental changes.

So this process increases the life expectancy of the organism in yeast by 50%. The scientists believe that the phenomenon also occurs in mammalian cells.
And do not rule out the possibility that they may discover the secret of eternal youth of the yeast. Before the benefits of yeast found in cosmetics, some food from the yeast has benefits for health and beauty. As is known, the food of yeast capable of improving the human immune system and maintain digestive health.

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