#1 Trick to Flatten Your Stomach While Driving

Simple workout routine that flattens the belly & also supports a healthy back.

I want to share to you a very SIMPLE exercise while driving your own car. It might sound a bit weird doing it while driving but it actually WORKS and get results only built on your consistency of reps. 

It involves doing an exercise called “ab vacuums” . ab vacuums could be completed almost anywhere.

By saying that, this specific exercise doesn’t increase fat burning, but helps flatten the stomach by firming and strengthening your deeper transversus abdominal muscles, “pulling in” a large stomach ( aka “pooch belly” ) . It also helps by doing them specific times like when your driving home from the gym or either back and forth to work.

Ab vacuums simple (instructions) :

– You may do them seated in the car or either do them standing, kneeling in a four-point position. More ways are laying flat on the floor, i recommend standing or seated ( in car ). 

– Pulling your belly button in as far holding it for up to 10-20 seconds, as if you were pushing it to your spine.

– Start by inhaling deeply, as you exhale start pulling the belly button in towards the spinal and hold it there for 10-20 seconds while taking short breaths. Repeat several of these up to 10-20 second holds. Even just repeating 3-4x every time your driving somewhere giving you the benefit of a flat belly.

On this page your going to discover more extremely EASY tricks that you could apply to your daily life.

Just a recap, this exercise only helps strengthening your core flattening the belly that has deep lazy ab muscles. If you found this article helpful please comment or share.

Thanks and good luck !

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