10 Tips to Keep a Divorce at BAY

Valuable points to ponder to avoid a separation after marriage.

Most marriages fall apart in the initial years of the nuptial union.  Blame them on misunderstanding, mistrust, incompatibility, egos clash etc., they say. The list is endless. Well, I don’t disagree either, in so far as they never really dug deep enough to discover what causes what. Once you spot the ‘interlinks’, the list is no longer endless. Misunderstandings and incompatibility are responsible for a majority of split ups. Remember, there are no tailor-made solutions to erase the ‘mis’ and ‘in’ prefixed to the above factors.  Having said that, as paradoxical as it may sound though, I’m stating a few tips to kick out the negatives engulfing your married life. In the presence of a mutual effort, these formulas seemingly produce magical, if not instant, results. Since guinea pigs don’t marry, to substantiate my tall claims, I rely on the success of all those experimenting souls who gives the following a shot when their marriages go bad…God forbid, of course! There’s nothing to worry…In a lose-lose situation, you have nothing else left, which my tips can take away.

Trespass On Your Spouse’s Forbidden Mind If Need Be

Understanding isn’t a readymade pack that comes complimentary with marriage. The partners have to work it out by studying each other’s sentiments. You cannot empathize with your partner unless you identify yourself with his/her feelings. Share your emotions with each other. Be frank. Be candid. If your spouse is reticent enough to share his/her feelings with you, then, I’m afraid, you have to invade his/her mind and steal the thoughts embedded within. Fair or foul, it’s only way out to view the world through his/her eyes. A partnership without empathy doesn’t last long.

Converge On An Intermediate Path Instead Of Dancing To One Another’s Tune

Don’t be a string-puppet to make your spouse happy. Though it works out fine in the beginning, the repetition of the ‘artificial you’ will gradually turn you into an expert faker. Then one fine day, you will start using your newly acquired skills to fool your spouse, striking back with vengeance for the long-harbored grudge of being remote-controlled. The malfunctioning remote will upset your spouse. What follows next is too obvious to mention.

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