10 Ways to Quit Smoking

Cigarette Smoking is injurious for health. We all know about it, but still many people can not stop smoking. Cigarette smoking can causes Cancer, a disease that can take your life in few years. So, if you are a Cigarette smoker, I will recommend you to stop Smoking right now. It will make you feel better than before & your life will beautiful.

Here are 10 easy Ways/Tips on How to Quit Smoking:

1. Take a piece of paper & write down about the health hazards that smoking causes. Underline one the most dangerous one. It will make you figure out in a small period of time about what you are doing for years. You will help you gain the inner force to quit smoking which will make you advanced in the way of your goal.

2. Take another piece of paper and write down the benefits of quit Smoking. If you can not find anything to write, ask for help to any non smoker person.

3. Make a list of persons who has been successful in quit smoking. It will inspire you to do the same thing. If they can do it, you also can do it.

4. Select a day for quit smoking and from that day, never smoke.  Throw out your cigarette packets, lighters, ashtray etc. Have a bath & maintain good personal hygiene.

5. Inspire people to quit smoking with you. You will find someone who also wants to quit smoking. Discuss with the ways of quit smoking with him. You might get some newer ways to quit smoking.

6. Be strict in mind. Never be temptative while you are with your friends / in a party. Tell your friends that you have decided to stop smoking. If anyone objects, believe me, he/she is not your well-wisher!


7. Avoid attending party for some days. It may interfere your desire to quit smoking.

8. Try to remain tension free. Look for recreational activities like reading, watching TV, listening music etc.

9. You may take Nicotine Replacement Therapy like Gum, Inhaler, Chocolate, Nasal Spray etc. But, always consult with a Doctor before taking about these therapies.

10. If you still fail to quit smoking, try again. Remember, most of the people can not quit smoking in a single attempt. It takes repeated attempts to stop smoking. If you fail, never be depressed, try with more heart next time.

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