12 Signs a Man Is Attracted to You Sexually

You know the feeling. You suddenly meet an attractive guy, and your heart flutters. It seems like your heart is beating loud enough for him to hear, and you suddenly find yourself unable to think of anything to say.
You are not the only person to experience this feeling. If a man is attracted to you sexually, then he most likely feels many of the same things. Sexual attraction and chemistry cannot be planned. Some people think that pheromones help our bodies signal that someone is compatible. Other researchers show that facial symmetry help to make someone seem attractive. Whatever the case, there are signs that a guy may like you sexually. He may want you for emotional and intellectual reasons as well, but the first initial attraction is primarily of a sexual nature.
What Is Sexual Attraction?

Sexual attraction is more than just a physical chemistry. It consists of a raw sexual desire to be with someone physically in the bedroom. While this is often related to how attractive someone is, it is not always directly connected. This initial sexual desire could later lead to friendship, romance or something else. It all depends on how compatible you are in other areas.

You cannot fake sexual attraction. There are obviously ways that you can boost your appeal like wearing the perfect outfit, dousing yourself in a sexy perfume or doing your makeup. While these things help, the catalyst of the attraction is always just you. You can’t make someone be sexually attracted to you—they either are or aren’t.

12 Signs a Man Is Attracted to You Sexually
You just started talking to an attractive guy, and it feels like he may have been flirting with you. Now, you want to know if your flustered feelings and attraction were mutual. If you want to find out how attracted he is, read on and check out the 12 signs that a man is attracted to you sexually.

1. He Looks at Certain Locations

When you are attracted to someone, you may find yourself looking at his lips and dreaming about kissing him. You may find your eyes drawn to his legs, chest, butt or arms without trying to. He is just the same way. If he is sexually attracted to you, he may be unable to keep his eyes from drifting downward to check out your body. A simple test is to head to the bathroom or leave the table to get a drink. Turn around randomly and look back. If he is still looking at you or you catch him checking you out, then there is an excellent change that he finds you attractive and would like to see more.

2. He Lingers More Than He Needs to

You could be at a bar or at work. Whatever the case, it seems like he hangs around for much longer than he needs to. For some reason, he just keeps talking to you. If you are on a date with each other, he may linger when he touches you or gives you a kiss. Everything he does gives the impression that he has no desire to let you go. If this describes his behavior, then he is probably attracted to you sexually.

3. He Suddenly Seems to Care a Lot About His Appearance

Think back to the last time you were sexually attracted to someone. Whenever you saw him, you would suddenly care about how your hair looked and what you were wearing. He is the same way. If you excite him, he will suddenly be very conscious about the way he looks. He may sit in ways that emphasize his biceps, or you may catch him looking at his hair in the mirror. Whenever you aren’t looking, he will be trying to see if he looks good enough to have a chance with you.


4. He Is Hot and Bothered

When he is attracted to you, just being around you may make him suddenly lose his train of thought. He may feel flustered or seem especially awkward. He may also appear sweaty and uncomfortable. Basically, you are so attractive to him that he finds himself unable to play it cool and act normally around you.

5. He Stares at You

When he is incredibly attracted to you, he can’t stop thinking about you. His constant focus on you is the reason why he may find it impossible not to stare. He is thinking about having you at home in his bed. In his mind, he is wondering if you would give him his number or let him buy you a drink. Without realizing it, his eyes drift back to you. Until you suddenly look at him, he probably won’t realize that he was staring intensely at you. If you find himself watching you constantly, then there is an excellent chance that he wants to seduce you.

6. He Flirts Intensely

If he flirts with you constantly, then he is obviously attracted to you on some level. If you find him flirting with you constantly and not flirting with any other lady, then there is an excellent chance that he is sexually attracted to you. When you are attracted to someone, you either clam up or flirt continuously. Even when you know that you may be getting too pushy or clingy, you keep doing it. He is the same way. He may continue to flirt and be extremely naughty to try to find out if you are as attracted to him as he is to you.

7. He Clams Up

If he is knew to romance and hooking up, then there is a chance that he will not be able to flirt with you. He will do other things on the list like stare at you, but he may be completely tongue-tied. If he is not experienced with picking up beautiful women, he may find it impossible to think of anything flirtatious or clever to say. If this is the case, you may have to help him along. Start flirting with him and talk to him. If he makes a move—like asking to buy you a drink-, step up your game even more.

8. His Eyes Say It All

Staring is one way to see if he is interested in you. Even if he is not staring, his eyes may also be the window into his soul. Often, the guy will get an intense, focused gaze. For him, the only thing that exists is your figure in front of him. In his mind’s eye, he is thinking about how badly he wants to get you into bed. On a biological level, his eyes may dilate as his blood flow increases and other physiological changes happen because he is so sexually aroused.

9. He Tries to Make Close Contact With You

There are many ways that people try to flirt with each other. One of them is through touch. He may try to touch your arm gently or lean in close to you. Basically, his body is trying to tell him to get as close to you as possible. He may try to walk you to your car, or he may stand unnecessarily close to you on the elevator. If you are at a bar together, he may pull his chair near to you. There may not be a real reason to be this close, or he may make an excuse. He just wants to be as physically close to you as you will let him be.

10. He Finds You Irresistible

If you are a fairly balanced person, you know how interesting or funny you are already. When someone is attracted to you, you will suddenly seem so much more interesting that you actually are. If you find him laughing at all of your jokes and paying close attention to you, then he is probably interested.

When he is extremely aroused, he may find it hard to keep his hands off you. His hands may run along your legs, or he may push back your hair without thinking about it. He just finds you too irresistible to keep his hands off of for long. If this is the case, leave the bar or restaurant and get a room. ?

11. He Seems Nervous

There are situations where it would be natural for him to be nervous. If he is giving a presentation at work or singing karaoke, then he may look nervous. If he seems nervous without a reason, then you are most likely the cause of his sudden case of nerves. You excite him and make it impossible for him to act normally. His sexual attraction to you has made it impossible for him to feel or act normally. All he wants is to take you home with him, and he is rapidly growing nervous as he tries to figure out if you want to.

12. Your Conversations Are Drawn Out

If he is sexually aroused, he is not going to have a fast-paced, casual conversation. The entire conversation will have a deeper, softer tone as he tries to get you interested in him. Most likely, his face will be quite close to you as he tries to get you interested in him. If you like him, this closeness is a great chance to get a stolen kiss from his lips.

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