21 Day Fix & Shakeology Review

I decided to try Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix on teambeachbody.com. Let me just say how wonderful they both are!

I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy almost two years ago. I had gained a lot of weight. I have never really been an active person, so even after giving birth, I didn’t lost much weight either. The day I went into labor…I weighed about 195lbs. I lost about 15 when he was born. I started losing weight after doing a yoga program, but I still wasn’t eating as healthy as I should have…the result is that I ended up back at 185 pounds. That is when my cousin introduced me to Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix program she was doing through TeamBeachBody. The price of the program really made me hesitate. After taxes it was $150 (Then $120/month after to continue with just shakeology). Then I thought about how much money I spent on junk food and how much most gym memberships cost (I spent $200 for a 3 month pass to my local rec center that I used maybe once or twice). My cousin convinced me that I would save money in the long run. I think she was right.

SO…what came in my $150 package? I got a 30 supply of chololate Shakeology, a Shakeology cup, 6 Portion Control Containers, Work out DVDs that included 7 workouts, plus a free bonus DVD for a higher level workout, a meal plan, and a month free membership to the TeamBeachBody Club where there were a ton of recipes I would have never thought of trying. Plus the idea that if I followed the program perfectly…I could lose up to 15lbs. Now who wouldn’t want to lose that much weight when you were overweight like me? Ya…I needed this.

Shakeology Drink: After reading some reviews about Shakeology compared to other protein shakes…I almost didn’t want to get this. Everyone said it really didn’t taste that great and it was more expensive than any other shake…Here was the thing…I’ve tried other protein shakes. The only one I really ever liked was Designer Whey’s White Chocolate flavor shake…then the only place I can buy it now is online. After doing the math…One shake a day is only $4 a day…about as much as I would have spent at Starbucks…for flavor purposes my cousin told me they tasted fine. So I got my package and on that Monday morning I made my first shake with milk and 1 scoop of the chocolate powder…It was really good. Better than any protein shake I ever tasted…and I hadn’t even made it right. With Shakeology, you’re supposed to blend it with ice. I couldn’t at the time, so I just shook it in the bottle and drank it. Blending it with ice has become so much better. My favorite thing now is to mix ice, coconut milk, PB2 (powdered peanut butter), 1 banana, and scoop of Shakeology. I have changed it up and added other fruits, but that is my favorite. I went ahead and decided to keep the monthly shipments of Shakeology, even if it costs as much as it does. Drinking Shakeology has given me more energy and has improved my overall happiness…just like the package says.

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