25 Other Words for Sexy

Thinking of other sayings or words for sexy? Here are 25 other words for sexy that you might have not heard or could not remember. For those that have another word for sexy, let Health Mad be in the know, by commenting below!

Lucky for you there are many ways to let them know how much you find them attractive! Here are twenty-five different words that you can use on a person instead of using the same old word “sexy”!


When you call someone “exciting”, you are saying that they excite you with their sexuality. As long as it is used in the right context that is. You are virtually telling them that they excite you in every way possible.


Being arousing means that you are evoking some sort of sexual feelings in a person. This is a great word to use in place of sexy. Because being arousing means exactly that and no less. Your partner will love hearing that they can arouse you and you find them arousing in return!


Stimulating is a fantastic word to use instead of calling someone sexy. It’s a little more classy to say to them. It lets them know that you find them interesting in more way than one. It also lets them know that you find them to stimulate you sensually, too.


Finding someone allure means that you find them attractive or fascinating. This is one of the more romantic terms you can use in place of the simple word sexy. It’s a much more beautiful way of explaining how beautiful you think they are to you.


Calling them tempting lets them know that they are a sweet treat you simply can’t get enough of. Even though you feel as if you shouldn’t be so attracted to them, you just can’t seem to help yourself! It’s like you are telling them they are your favorite cookie jar and you simply cannot keep your hands out off of them!


Desiring someone is one of the best ways to describe them as sexy to you. This means that you find them absolutely appealing in every single way and you want them all the time. No questions ask. Everything about them seems to turn you on.


Sensual literally means that you find someone aroused. In other words you find them super sexy! You feel as if they bring every romantic bone in your body alive. Sensuality is the key to sexuality. Calling them sensual is saying they are the ultimately sexy person to you!


Doesn’t that just have a nice ring to it? Say it aloud. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Calling someone amorous is letting them know that you find them extremely attractive, but that you are also completely head over heels for them. Amorous means that you find them to be directly related to your sexual desire.


When you think of someone as seductive you think of them as sexually appealing. They ignite a passion in you that you can’t tame. You can’t resist them in any way. Seductive means that you find them tempting and you want every part of them romantically.


When you identify your partner as ravishing, you are essentially telling them that you would like to eat every bit of them up. If you know what we mean by that…


Captivating is a great word to use instead of using sexy. It’s much more beautiful sounding. Finding someone captivated means that they hold your attention at all times. You can’t seem to take your eyes off of them because they are just too gorgeous.


Calling someone enticing is giving them a beautiful compliment. You are letting them know that you find their sexuality engaging and you continue to find yourself more attracted to them every second.


Sultry is a word usually used on women, but can be used on males as well. You are letting that person know that you find their nature very sexual by calling them sultry. It’s a great way of letting someone knows that you find them utterly sexy.


Do you find your partner titillating? Do you think they are the most arousing person that you have laid eyes on thus far? Then provocative is the right word for you to use when you think that someone is sexy.


This means that they have seemed to put you under some sort of sexy spell. That no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop thinking about how much you find them attractive. They have done a great job enchanting you and that is why you find them bewitching.


Irresistible literally means that you find someone too attractive and tempting to be resisted. You just can’t stay away from this lover in your life! This is a perfect compliment for someone that you have found to be sexy.


Appealing is exactly what it sounds like. That you find this person fascinating, especially sexually.


When something is red-hot it means that you find it supremely exciting. This can be applied sexually, too. Meaning you find them overwhelming hot and you can’t resist getting aroused by them. Even if you try not to! They will surely love hearing this instead of the lame term sexy.


Does this person make your jaw drop to the floor every time that they walk into the room? Do they leave your mouth hanging open and drooling? You might find them sexy, but you might describe them as jaw-dropping to give the term a new twist.


This is a term that is mostly centered on women. So if you are not using this for a female, move on to the next term. Voluptuous means that someone has a curvaceous figure. However, it can also mean that you find them to be a sensual pleasure to you.


When you think someone is sexually stimulating, it may just be a grand idea to call them erotic instead of just simply telling them that they are sexy. This is a much more blunt way of telling someone that you find them arousing and attractive.


Want a term that’s not too overpowering? Calling someone attractive is a very uncomplicated way of letting someone knows that you find them very sexy. It keeps it a little more PG than just outright saying they are sexually appealing to you. Sometimes you don’t want to sound perverted and that’s totally okay. That’s why there are terms as non complex as attractive for you to use.


Someone who find striking is someone that captures your attention all of the time. They never cease to get your blood pumping in all the right ways. By calling them striking instead of just sexy, you are letting them know that their attractiveness is extremely prominent.


Charming is another double for the word sexy. And it’s much nicer to say to someone! It will definitely raise their confidence levels, without you coming off as creepy or weird. This is a more subtle way of declaring your attraction to someone. Finding them charming means that you find them endearing and adorable, but still “super hot”.


Lascivious is the ultimate word to use in place of the word sexy. Why? Because it means that you find them sexier than you have ever found anyone to be. This word is definitely one of the naughtier words to use when you are telling someone how much you like them. Words that also means lascivious are the words lustful, dirty and even smutty. Try not to use this word unless it’s with someone that you have been intimate with or unless you plan on being intimate with them right away. Some people may even take offense to this one!

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