5 Different Types of Vaginas

We bet you only thought that there was one kind of vagina and one kind only. Well, if you did seem to think that, you’d be so very wrong. Below are 5 types of vaginas.

You might think, ‘Well duh people shape their pubes differently-’ No, wait a second there. We aren’t talking about the way that you style your vagina. Heck you could vajazzle it for all we care, but that doesn’t mean that you have a different type of vagina all of a sudden. No, we are talking about your actual vagina. The part that you can’t see when you are standing in front of a mirror. Unless, of course, you lay that mirror directly under you. That is the only way that you can see your actual vajayjay.

Keep in mind that just because there are many kinds of vaginas that doesn’t mean that there is a bad vagina or a good vagina. There is no specific type of vagina that is perfect. Just like humans, our body parts are each unique. There are no right and wrong body parts at all. Just different ones.

Men and women might have their own favorite vagina type, but that doesn’t mean that any vagina is getting judged. You can’t help how you were created. A vagina is a vagina. They all feel the same, right?

Okay, now that we have definitely, uncomfortably said the word vagina much too many times we can move along to the different types of vagina there are out there. Listed below are the 5 types of vaginas (different types of vagina lips)

Type 1: Ms. Curtains
Different Types of Vag Lips

Yes, all the types of vagina are called Ms. We like it, hopefully you do, too. According to experts in the world there are 5 different types of vaginas. There may be more, but we aren’t aware of that information just yet. For now, we will go over the five major types that are known to man. Ms. Curtains being the first type that we are going to discuss with you. This one is definitely a vagina that you will see a lot of. That is, if you are looking at a ton of vag on a consistent basis. This type of vagina is all about the labia minora. Why? Because it’s very much exposed on this kind of vajayjay. This means that it sticks out past the labia majora. It definitely gives off the appearance of having slight curtains down below. Hence, the silly name. How big or small they are depends on and varies person to person.

Type 2: Ms. Barbie

A.K.A. the perfect vagina. The golden one. Yet this is the rarest vagina to have. This is the type that is commonly shown in porn or in movies. This is the vagina of all vaginas. But don’t feel bad if you don’t have this so called ‘perfect vagina’, because most women don’t. A lot of people get this vagina through plastic surgery. What does it look like? Surely you have seen it in the media, but just in case you have not, we can explain it a little better to you. Each set of ‘lips’ sits perfectly, evenly against the bone. The labia minora is tucked sweetly inside the labia majora. Nothing hangs down or out and it’s usually a perfect size. Once again- This is the rarest vagina type and not many people have it.

Type 3: Ms. Tulip

Ms. Tulip was named its name because it slightly resembles the cute flower. The labia minora is completely seen along the labia majora. It looks like a little flower bud poking out of its petals. Just like an actual tulip. Although you get a peek of the labia minora, it sits perfectly inside the labia majora tightly.

Type 4: Ms. Puffs

No we aren’t referring the character out of the ever so famous cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. Even though there is a character named Ms. Puffs on that show. No, this name comes more from the appearance of this type of vagina itself. This vagina has barely any labia minora exposed at all. Instead, the labia majora steals the show in sort of puffy manner. This is the kind of vagina that often struggles with cameltoe in tight-fitting clothing because it is a little more out there than the average vagina. However, this is a super common vagina type and it’s still beautiful in every way! Ms. Puffs shares common ground with Ms. Barbie. They are very similar, but not quite the same.

Type 5: Ms. Horseshoe

The last type of vagina that we are going to be discussing is Ms. Horseshoe. This is more of a distinct kind of vagina to have. It’s unique. There is an opening at the very type of the vagina that displays the labia minora, but as you inch down a little it closes only showing the labia majora and covering up the rest of the labia minora the whole way down. This makes for a horseshoe like appearance.

5 Types of Vaginas

Although there are different types of vaginas, all types are beautiful and typically function the same way. You can ask anyone familiar with them that they are all wonderful! Having a different type than someone else means absolutely nothing. If you are nervous about your shape or labia, don’t worry! Because no matter what shape or size it may be, we can all probably agree that vaginas are one of the things that make the world go round!

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