A Young Man’s Thoughts on Old Age

Though I am still young, I couldn’t help wondering what old age would be like; if I live to see many days, to see my body reach that final stage (whatever it is called).

Will I stand the look on my face? When it doesn’t look as young as it does now.

Will I be able to live with a weaker version of my body? With weaker limbs and eyes and ears that don’t work as great as they do now.

Will I look back on a life well lived? With memories of the things I achieved, good things I had done. Thankful for the time I had.

With a passion for writing so strong, will I still be able to do it? I hope my brain will still be strong enough, because I know the passion will not die.

Will I have someone by my side, to see me through the tough times? People are unpredictable and I cannot be guaranteed of their help in the future. Who will be by my side? A wife, children, brother, or maybe a stranger?

I might not have answers to these questions, but I know one thing. That as I get to that time, day by day, I am living a life that I will not regret, and that the answers will gradually start to show themselves.

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