All You Need to Know About 32C Breast Size

What do 32C Breasts Look Like?

32C breasts and having a 32C bra size is generally considered to be average because of the standard cup size and are usually accompanied by women with an hourglass figure. We’ve all seen those products with the hourglass body on the label. Yep, that’s usually a 32C cup that’s telling you to drink this wine or use this dressing and you’ll get or keep this figure. Think of the 32C as the bigger sister to the 32a cup and 32b breast and baby sister to the 36C breast size.

Though this size is not exceptionally large, it is noticeably larger than 28C and 30C. Did you know that sleeping on your front can actually change the shape, size, and feel of your breasts, especially if you do it over a long period of time? We didn’t know that either, but we sure were staggered when we read it. Some women wear a bra in order to keep their breasts as perky as possible, but there has actually been evidence to show whether or not wearing a bra, under-wired or not, as you sleep can change how quickly or how much your breasts droop with the ageing process.  

32C Natural Breasts

Like we mentioned above, a natural 32C cup are normally indicative of an hourglass figure, with a small band width but a large cup size, usually meaning fuller, rounder breasts. If you have a larger cup size, such as a C or D, it is definitely recommended that you wear a supportive fitness bra when you take part in physical activity. In fact, it is even advisable for the smaller sizes on the bra spectrum to take the same precautions. Whether your breasts are large or small, the ligaments that are meant to support the breast tissue can stretch and move as the body moves during strenuous physical exercise. If you do not wear a supportive bra, the ligaments can stretch too far, leading to sagging. If you do wear a supportive bra, designed for fitness and sports, you will be less likely to experience the same problem

Getting older, in general, can also lead to 32C natural breasts sagging, and this is because the tissue in the breast is replaced over time, as you get older. The connective and stretchy, supportive tissue starts to become replaced with fat. This leads to less in the way of firmness and more in the way of drooping.

32C Breast Implants

One method you can use to alter the shape of your breasts is to have cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is actually one of the most popular forms of voluntary or domestic surgical procedures, with many women opting for larger breasts. At the same time, some women will opt for smaller breasts, using breast reduction surgery.
Any kind of surgery is considered a life-altering situation, and there are many things that you will want to take into consideration before going ‘under the knife’. You will be required to have a consultation with your surgeon prior to any procedures going ahead, and it will be during this time that you should ask any questions you have, as well as telling your surgeon exactly what it is you’re hoping to look like at the end of it.
The procedure itself will usually involve you being put under a general anaesthetic, and this means that you will not be awake for any part of the procedure. The surgery itself will usually last for just a couple of hours — usually between one and three, depending on the complexities of the surgery. Once the cut has been made into the breast, the implants are then inserted beneath the breast tissue, and everything will then be sealed back up again, using stitches. The kind of implants you have, as well as the kind of look you are going for, will have an effect on the kind of scarring you have. With some breast augmentation surgeries, you may find that the nipple will need to be removed and then reattached. This is something that you will, once again, need to discuss with your surgeon during the consolation stages.

How 32C Looks With Clothes On

32C breasts are quite large, so when looking at fashion advice, it is wise to look for the advice that includes women with the fuller bust. A contour bra is a great place to start, offering support for your fuller bust, but without taking too much away from the appearance. The slightly structured design will offer as much support as you need, while still giving you a seamless outline. The t-shirt bra is another great bra for 32C breasts, offering an almost undetectable layer of support.

Bras that you may wish to avoid when you have a 32C cup size, are push-up bras, which can push everything up until they, quite literally, sit beneath your chin. Great for when you want lots of cleavages, of course, but not so great if you want people to actually talk to your face …

A balcony bra offers support in multiple places, much more than other styles of bra, so these are a great one to pick from. The good news about balcony bras is that they are often quite glamorous, in beautiful colours and designs, and in a wide range of materials. You can get everything from sassy and sultry, to business for the office on Monday.
Wireless bras offer very little support, so 32C wearers will probably not get many benefits from wearing them.

With the right underwear, you can wear pretty much whatever you like over the top. That great silhouette leads the way for a number of excellent outfit choices. If you have a fuller figure, a wrap-tie dress or top will help to accentuate the cleavage whilst nipping in at the waist. If you want to minimise your bust, avoid bright colours and designs, or anything with ruffles and huge puffy sections. These will just emphasize the area, rather than dull it down and you could be in for some great sexy nights.

Comparison With Smaller Sizes

32C breast size (or 32c bra size) isn’t the largest, but it’s not really one of the smallest either. Cup sizes below 32 C are B, A, and AA. Band sizes smaller than 32C are 30 and, in some stores, 28.
Celebrities With 32C Breast Size

Breasts really do run in the family, you know, so you are more likely to have a similar shape and sized breasts as the other female members of your family. It really is all in the genes. What does a full c cup look like? Here are several celebrities and 32C breast examples and pictures.

Liv Tyler
Tyra Banks
Sofia Vergera
International 32C Breast Size
  • USA – 32C
  • Australia – 10C
  • New Zealand – 10C
  • UK – 32C
  • India – 32C
  • Europe – 70C
  • China – 70C
  • Japan – 70C
  • Hong Kong – 70C
  • Korea – 70C
  • Spain – 85C
  • Belgium – 85C
  • France – 85C

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