Alternative Treatments for Malignant Melanoma Patients

Melanoma is a type of cancer or malignant tumor which originates in the melanocytes, the cells containing color. The melanocytes produce the melanin pigment as a response to UV radiation, protecting the skin structures from sunburn damage which may cause melanomas.

Alternative Substances for Malignant Melanomas

Cow and shark cartilage. Though three studies with inconclusive results have been performed, these substances have been found to have agents that block the formation of new blood vessels that supply blood to tumors. More clinical trials of cow and shark cartilage are being conducted.

Coenzyme Q10. This substance is sold as a dietary supplement. There have been reports of this enzyme being able to lengthen the lives of cancer patients, but there has been no report of clinical trials with results published in medical journal reviewed by peers.

Mistletoe. In laboratory studies, extracts of mistletoe have both killed cancer cells and boosted the immune system. Recent study results show a possible clinical benefit from using an adjuvant treatment with a standardized mistletoe (Viscum album) extract in patients with malignant melanoma.

Diet and Food Therapies

The Gerson therapy uses detoxification and diet to heal melanomas using coffee enemas. It is believed that the caffeine is rapidly absorbed through the lower bowel and will travel directly to the liver, thereby stimulating the production of natural immune factors. More information on the Gerson therapy can be found by writing to them, or by visiting their website.

The Budwig diet/flax seed oil. This diet was originally proposed by a German biochemist and expert on fats and oils by the name Dr. Johanna Budwig, in1951. Her formula mixing two tablespoons of flaxseed oil to a quarter cup of low fat cottage cheese (or other any other food containing sulfur) helps increase metabolism, boost the immune system, reduce cholesterol levels, and helps inhibit cancer-cell growth. Dr. Budwig can be reached by fax in Germany: 49-7441-85125

Hallelujah Acres Diet is a vegetarian diet developed by Dr. George Malkmus. It has helped with a variety of diseases, including cancer. For more information, go to their website at

Low-sugar diets are used to starve cancer cells. Also, high acidosis is formed by a high sugar intake. High sugar consumption can also cause immune system suppression and prosglandin production. These factors seem to encourage cancer cells to grow.

Companies Offering Alternative Therapy Information

Some organizations are conducting research using alternative therapies. For more information, contact The Center For Advancement In Cancer Education at:

The Kushi Institute has been helping cancer patients with diet and lifestyle changes for a quarter of a century. They have a global network of certified macrobiotic counselors. For a referral and more information, contact them at:

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