Amazing of “Sweet Orange”

Sweet orange has long been known as the fruit flavors fresh and nutritious . Beside rich in vitamins and minerals , this fruit also contain dietary fiber that are essential for normal body growth and development . With acids taste sweet , sweet citrus fruit can be consumed in various forms , both fresh and make juice / juice .

Sweet orange citrus aurantium with the Latin name is a popular fruit in the community . The plants now widespread because cultivation is not too difficult . All it takes is the land with fertility levels and adequate water content . Usually , sweet orange plants grafted or propagated by grafting , but it could be through seeds.

Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orange variety. USDA photo. Image Number K3644-12. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Containing compounds in sweet orange rich in vitamin C , potassium , and folid acid , may serve to inhibit cancer cells . In addition to fiber-rich , yellow fruit also contains hesperidin which can reduce the risk of heart disease , prevent cholesterol , and lowering blood pressure . In a medium-size sweet citrus fruit contained 16 grams of carbohydrate that contains 70 calories . Carbohydrates are important as a source of energy the body , especially to the brain.

Value of fiber in a sweet orange equivalent to the required 12 percent per day . Obviously a very important function of fiber among others helps the digestive process . Fiber in sweet orange can help lower blood cholesterol and also lowers the risk of heart disease.

Other content in this fruit can affect the activity of the enzyme glutathione S – transferase ( GTS ) , to prevent the occurrence of cancer , in collaboration with compounds such as limonin and nomilin limonoida . GTS is itself a major enzyme detoxification systems that can neutralize carcinogens.

Women are advised to consume this fruit because of the content of lycopene in it can prevent breast cancer . For pregnant women , sweet oranges can reduce the risk of birth defects . As for the children , the content of flavonoids in it can become immune cells and antibodies are useful for the immune system that are not easily up the flu and colds . Therefore , it often gives drink orange juice in your child so that the intake of vitamin present in sweet oranges can be met . For your information , not too often provide instant sugary orange drink box or sachet packaging because they contain dyes and preservatives , which if consumed too often in the long run will cause cancer cells . Danger , right ?

Several other properties of sweet citrus fruits including :

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