Architectural Design of The Change Lifestyle Society

Building design can Encourage users to live healthier. That the city and building designers play an important role in Efforts to Encourage people to live healthier through exercise and other good habits.

There is a growing body of evidence , the which Proves that we live and design our communities has a direct effect on health . There is awareness that the design community has an important role in public health.

Some simple tactics can alter the activity of building and facility users . Seating along the trail can grow the number of pedestrians . Stairs were given bright lighting and can Easily be found to Encourage its use .

We’re talking about the use of the design so that people make the choice to move According to instinct they want to do .

Logically , the building roomates provide comfort for its owners can better makeup Become Things Homeowners . The brain can think Clearly . The body can be healthy and fresh . The work can be linear if our bodies healthy and our minds clear . Start with simple things, such as from wall paint , only then proceed to the next stage . That way it will not feel heavy .

So before building a house , make sure that the design of the building that you build it in accordance with the criteria that you want . Or if not , at least not design that can make you comfortable living in your home . Especially if you already have a family , of course , their happiness is your goal play . Their health will be very important to you . Their smiles make- your own will also be happier .

That way you can distribute a positive aura for your neighbors . They can also imitate you and the make their lives better . It’s a remarkable thing , just by doing Simple Things we can the make extraordinary things.

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