Are Allopathic Drugs Better Than Homeopathic for Health and Sex?

This is an article to discuss natural vs artificial in health and other things.

Today the world is filled with many choices and among them is natural things vs artificial things.  Some people prefer things they consume, wear, and utilize to be closer to nature and more environmentally conscious than artificial ones.  This has become increasingly important to consider in this century as the world is concerned about the effects of greenhouse gases in their relation to global warming. in some instances there is a big impact in the difference between natural and artificial and in other cases it is more subtle and these are sometimes reversed between natural and artificial.  Someone for example would prefer to sit on chair made of natural biodegradable wood that has had less harmful effects on the environment than one manufactured from artificial things whose gases and production might pollute the air.  Another person might prefer to eat more natural foods that were grown without contaminants and whose transportation pollutes the air less.  This is also the case in health as some people prefer homeopathic drugs instead of allopathic drugs to try to combat diseases.  This article is not supporting one over the other as one should go to professionals to know what is best for them but only to understand this debate more.

Since ancient times, civilizations have been using nature and plants to deal with diseases as they somehow found curative properties in them.  Mandrake for example which was even used in the time of Cleopatra as can be found in Shakespeare contains chemicals that can be found in emergency heart medications such as Atropine.  Mandrake is a plant and can be found in tea and is thought to ease other disorders and you can get it in any health food store but there is no way to get Atropine except in an emergency room.  Then again drinking voluminous amounts of mandrake tea is not going to help you if you are dying from a heart attack.  There are however multitudes of natural drugs that are available to the public known as homeopathic drugs that do relieve you of disorders but it might not happen overnight and they are perhaps more preventative.  One things that is very helpful is many of people who own the health food stores have a background in homeopathy or nutrition or employ someone who does.

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