Are You in The Diabetic Circle?

Where are you in the diabetic circle? In or out? Diabetes is an alarming disease increasing all over the world. Unless it is checked it may devour the whole world soon. Medical world is seriously searching for new strategies to check this growing menace.

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the modern world. It is increasing in number during the recent decades, faster than ever in the history. In US alone, more than 25 million people, about 10% of the population, are the victims of this fatal diabetes. This number of diabetic patients is increasing so fast that within 40 years it is expected that this rate will surge to more than 35% of the population. It is the case all over the world, especially in Asian countries.

Modern governments are more worried that if this killing disease is unchecked it will affect the whole economy and bankrupt the health care system. The diabetic patients suffering from kidney diseases have to be on dialysis and other expensive treatments. Modern lifestyle changes, such as sedentary lifestyle, fast food culture, smoking, etc. have boosted the chances of diabetes. Medical world is seriously studying to find out some new strategies to control this monstrous disease.


New strategies to control diabetes

1) Prevent diabetes

Even if diabetes is hereditary in your family, you can control and prevent it by planning a careful life schedule. For example keep your eyes, teeth and feet healthy. Check your blood sugar and cholesterol periodically and avail the guidance of a physician.

2) Control your diet

Eat healthy foods that are low in fat and calories. You can include fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats, chicken without skin, dry peas or beans, and whole grains, in your diet. Control salt intake. Foods with more fiber such as whole grain cereals, breads, crackers and rice are helpful.

3) Plan your meals timings

Eating less and increasing the number of times can do some help. Instead of eating three meals a day, they can be shared in five times with a good diet plan.

4) Beware of fast food

Fast food is the main cause of obesity and overweight. Avoid fatty and fried fast foods. Making wise choices about eating fast food items is necessary.

5) Move around often

Increase your physical activities as much as possible. Give breaks to your sedentary life. Stand up and move around for a few minutes every hour. Brisk walking is a great way to burn calories.

6) Do some regular exercise

Walking for at least 30 minutes and some simple stretching exercises can keep you healthy. Doing them regularly can build up immunity and promote functions of the organs.

7) Quit habits harmful to health

Quit from addictive practices such as alcohol and smoking. Smoking is a slow suicide for diabetic patients.

Relax and sleep

Good sleep and relaxation to body and mind are very essential for good health. Both exercises and good relaxation reduce stress and the risk factors of diabetes. Researches reveal that diabetes and insomnia are closely associated.

Following the above strategies in your life you can manage the killing disease diabetes. Surely, these strategies can help you to be out of the diabetic circle.


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