Australian Billionaire Inherited Rp 36.8 Trillion Make Charitable Foundation

An Australian billionaire left a legacy of U.S. $ 3.2 billion or equivalent to Rp 36.8 trillion ( exchange rate : U.S. $ 11 519 per U.S. $ ) to a charitable foundation . Grants were awarded to the registered charity is the largest grant in the history of Australia .

Is Paul Ramsay , the eighth richest man in Australia died from a heart attack . Because no child and only has a sister , Ramsay made ​​in wills bequeath his property to the Parent Infant Family Australia , a charity which helps women and children .As written by Forbes , Tuesday ( 05/06/2014 ) , Ramsay relationship with Parent Infant Family Australia is already long enough . In 2011, after major floods in Australia , he has provided a grant of U.S. $ 300 million to the foundation. Since then , he routinely provide assistance .Unfortunately , the Parent Infant Family Australia did not want to reveal what the funds will be used for the legacy . ” Surely these funds will provide for the welfare of the Australian community , ” said someone in the foundation did not want to be named .Ramsay name is quite well known in Australia as always in the top 10 richest people in Australia . He is the owner of Ramsay Health Care , an international class hospital network spread across Australia , Europe and Asia , including in Indonesia .Ramsay Health Care is a listed company . Last year the company’s stock rose to 37 % after expanding into Malaysia . Each year , Ramsay Health Care always pay dividends twice .In the first quarter of 2014, the profit before tax recorded by the company at U.S. $ 23 million .Ramsay founded the hospital in 1964 . , Bought a big house in the Sydney area and turn it into a psychiatric hospital with 16 rooms . He built a mental hospital for 14 years .Only later , in 1978 , it expanded by setting up a surgical hospital . In a way , Ramsay continues to expand by building a new hospital and acquisition .In 2013 , Ramsay Health Care to buy three hospitals in Malaysia and 30 juwa hospital in France . Currently , Ramsay Health Care has had 151 hospitals around the world by the number of patients achieving jta 1.4 patients per year .

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