Baby Monitors Being Hacked

People can hack into Internet enabled baby monitors.

 I just came across these two story’s and I was alittle shocked but not surprised that people would do this crap. Last week Heather and Adam Schreck woke up  at midnight to the noise of a man screaming at their daughter Emma through their Internet Enabled Baby Monitor. The parents were shocked it was moving and they weren’t the ones controlling it.

 Back in august Marc Gilbert of Houston Texas told ABC station KTRK that he had heard a man yelling wake up Allyson you little “bleep”. Her name was spelled out on the wall and thankfully she couldn’t hear him as is is deaf and didn’t have her cochlear implants turned off.  Foscam the maker of the monitors allows parents to keep an eye on their baby via smart phone and Internet.

 First off you have to be a real low life to want to hack into a baby monitor. This just goes to show case people how great technology isn’t, I mean is it worth having if this kinda thing happens and your kid has mental or emotional problems afterwards? It kind of seems like to me baby monitors make it so parents can be lazy and not go check on their kids like so many parents have in the past.

What do you expect though, its hooked up to the internet. I just hope it taught the parents how safe these baby monitors arent and to end the services.

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