Be The Best That You Can be

Learn how to discover strength inside of you and use it to be a better person, and achieve more in your life.

What happens during the first five minutes of your waking up can give your day a good start or a bad one. That’s what I personally think.

At this time, I’ve developed a habit that I think helps me go through the day well and not acting out of character, so to speak. I just remind myself of who I am. As soon as I wake up.

If you are a great dancer and you’re upcoming, tell yourself that each morning. If you are an exceptionally intelligent person, tell yourself that. Are you proud of your looks? Tell yourself your are good looking, every morning.

This is not to foster excessive pride and make you conceited, but this is to give you self-confidence so that you can live the life that you are fit for.

They say life is a battlefield.

Scars on your body remind you of past events that caused you physical pain. Events such as accidents, fights or even self- inflicted hurt. Each time you look at them, you remember everything about how they were formed.

Scars on your heart, however, remind you of past events that caused you emotional pain. I look at scars in moments of retrospect, when I appreciate all the progress I’ve made in my life. It is because of these scars that I learned how to be better than myself, how to garner strength I didn’t know I could. I learned how to heal myself and I gained wisdom to avoid future scarring.

There are some people that don’t follow paths created by others. These are the people that see a new way to get to somewhere. One that has never been taken before.

They think differently, uniquely. In other words they use their own minds and generate ideas from that, instead of using ideas generated by others. You can call it creativity.

Everyone is unique, and everyone is capable of doing new things, and generating new ideas and ways of thinking. It’s just that some people find comfort in following paths, not making them.

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