Before Sleep, This 10 Foods Should Avoid

Many people who make snacks as a tool to be sleepy so easy to sleep. But not many know the midnight food choices can affect a person’s hibernation.

While some foods can help you fall asleep, then so can other foods (fatty or oily either) even be disastrous for your break.

If you want to sleep in peace, here are 10 foods that you should avoid before bedtime,

1. Ice cream
We know ice cream is full of fat, so if you insist on eating it, you will not be able to sleep well because your body is busy burning fat and sugar will energize you just right before you go to bed. Sugar will accumulate and turn into fat.

In addition, according to one study, eating foods that are high in sugar before bed can cause nightmares.

2. Celery
Celery is a natural diuretic compounds. By eating celery before bed, you will urinate more than usual in the middle of your sleeping hours.

Diuretics increase the frequency of urination because the compound push water through the system.

Although vegetables are the most nutritious foods you can put on your body, but avoid vegetables like celery so that your sleep is not disturbed.

3. Pasta
Pasta is a meal fit, quick and easy to make for people who need fast food and fast run out before bed, but this is not a midnight snack ideal for you.

Pasta provides carbohydrates full and if you go straight to bed after dinner, all the food will turn into fat.

In addition, most of the pasta has a high glikemi index that could play your blood sugar levels, delaying sleep and frequently wake you up in the middle of the night.

4. Pizza
If you want to give your stomach a good workout before bed, feed some greasy pizza and salty. But pizza is not exactly a light meal. Your stomach will be busy because of it.

Layer of tomato sauce has a high acidity, but it is generally a fatty and greasy toppings, especially high-fat meats and cheese can make your stomach heat. If you still want to eat it at night, look for a nutritious pizza with toppings.

5. Candy
One of the easiest and worst way to ruin your sleep is a nightmare that feels very real. Recent studies show that 7 out of 10 people who eat junk food like candy before bed vulnerable to nightmares.

The hypothesis is that high levels of sugar confectionery create brain waves associated with nightmares that seem more sinister.

6. Cereals
Cereals often contain high refined sugar and full of carbohydrates. These foods will keep your blood sugar levels shoot up so it’s not the ideal way to soothe your body before bedtime.

Instead of eating cereals that contain sugar, look for a healthier cereals such as whole grains and cereals with low sugar.

7. Garlic
In addition to causing bad breath, garlic is known as “hot herbal” and as well as spicy foods, garlic can also make heartburn.

Because the side effects upset your stomach, if you have a weak stomach or are prone to acid reflux, better avoid these foods, especially before bed.

8. Black chocolate
Although delicious, dark chocolate is one of the foods that you should avoid before bedtime.

Dark chocolate is also a source of caffeine. Additionally, chocolate is filled with stimulants such as theobromine that is known to make your heart beat faster.

The only savior is a white chocolate does not contain theobromine and caffeine are usually low.

9. Alcohol
There is a common belief that alcohol consumption is a lot at night make you sleep very soundly, but it is not entirely accurate. Although sometimes alcohol does help you fall asleep, but it does not provide long-lasting rest and refreshing.

In fact, alcohol interfere with the function of the restoration of sleep and often make the hours seem short sleep because after eating them, you will often wake up throughout the night. More than that, people who regularly drink alcohol in order to sleep tends to be dependent on alcohol, creating frustrating cycle.

10. Red Meat
The problem of red meat is full of protein and fat that will make your body work hard all night. To get a deep sleep, ideally you want the whole system in your body calm, but meat takes longer to digest than other foods.

Do not necessarily avoid red meat for iron content and high tritopannya can help you sleep. Just do not eat right before bed or your body will be busy digesting all night.

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