Best Countries to Live in

5 best countries to live in

1. France – the first best country to live in is obviously France.  You may ask yourself why France?  Well, first of all France has the world’s best health care which leads to high life expectancy. Except from being very well economically (high taxes) France offers a very enviable lifestyle. People take hours to finish their dinner, and red win is a must in France.  Taking walks around the city, especially Paris, you have scenery that are so wonderful and relaxing you cannot help it but love it.  Delicious food, a cultured people and a happy nation.

2. Switzerland – before anything Switzerland is a very smart country.  First of all it made all its disadvantages be them natural or other, into advantages, and has evolved into a high tech society, and the people are very happy.  What it is most famous for is cheese, chocolate, and Alps.  Skiing is awesome during winter, and you can enjoy a very calm and relaxing summer and spring.

3. Australia – this is also known as the “Lucky Planet”.  Australia has everything you might look for in a country: very large beaches, great lifestyle, big space, not many people and great climate.  Australia is very peaceful and the economically strong: the financial crisis did not hit it as much as Europe and the United States, so your visits to Australia may be a little pricey, but nothing compare to what it can offer.

4.  New Zealand – the land of the sheep has some of the most wonderful and exotic landscapes your eyes have ever seen.  They do not have high crime rates, their police don’t carry guns, and corruption is an unheard term.  They have few people so not there are no crowded cities, no pollution and people are healthy. 

5. Luxembourg – only 51 miles long and 35 miles wide, this is still among the richest countries in the world.  It’s GDP per capita is $88,000.  It has only 420,000 inhabitants and it is run by a Grande Duke.  French, German and English are widely spoken. 

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