Best Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Fast!

Got bad pimples and need to get rid of them fast here is how.

You want to go all natural.

Put an ice on irritated blemishes. Cold temperature will lessen the redness and can control the enlargement of the pimple. Always remember not to put the ice directly on your skin use a piece of cloth or wrap it on a tissue. You can use tea tree and apply to the said blemishes. Tea tree oil contains 5% benzoyl peroxide. That will help you get rid of pimple fast.

You can go to your esthetician and have an emergency zit zapper procedure. They have frequency machine to zap the pimple and after some hours you will notice that the pimple will get smaller and the redness will be lessen. Not to worry you feel just a little sting and you are done. But for pimples that are big and sore, call your dermatologist for that. Cortisone Injection is the answer for your problem. Small amount of contisone is injected to your skin to reduce blemish after a day or two the irritation is reduce and flatten out. Have an appointment with your doctor to know what to do to get rid of pimple fast.

Avoid food items like Junk food, chocolate, and oily, fried stuff.

Drinking green tea is also a great solution for acne. Green tea contains anti oxidants that helps to get rid of acne fast.

Washing the acne area thoroughly few times a day with good oil free soap.

So there you go easy way to get rid of pimples

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