Biblical Insights Into Medicine (Sermon Outline)

I was born and raised as a young child in the exciting times when science was making breakthroughs in medicine. I participated in some of the first polio vaccine injections and later in the oral vaccine. I remember taking penicillin "as is" in orange juice when battling ailments like scarlatina and full-blown scarlet fever. I feel that there have been many times God has used medical science to help mankind. However, there is the "other side of the coin."

Natural cures and home remedies abounded before God introduced me into the world. Medical science has further developed some of those cures, but the emphasis has been on the non-natural ways.

“Big money” can be made in pharmaceuticals and, while it is a means to “put bread on the table” for many in that industry, the human sin nature sees to it that greed rears its ugly head. I suspect the rash of newly found ailments is partly the result of this.

In the United States, which has become increasingly socialistic, I know for a fact that some unloving parents purposely arrange in various ways that their children are diagnosed with some problem, get the child medicated, and as a result get even more welfare money to waste on a sinful lifestyle.

The word “medicine” occurs only four times in the Holy Bible (Psalm 17:22, Jeremiah 30:13, 46:11, and Ezekiel 47:12). “Medicine” is not found in the New Testament (NT), but there is a Greek word translated in the NT as healing/s that the ancients also used to state the word “medicine.” We will get to that word later.

As stated above, God has blessed some people with knowledge to help mankind in dealing with ailments, but the sin nature of humans has dug another pit. Let us first consider what the world has done, then what God desires in the light of Holy Scripture.

I. The World’s Way

 Rev. 9:21- Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.


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When people get prescription medicine they often go to a pharmacy. Such medications / drugs are call pharmaceuticals, and the study of them is called pharmacology. These terms (pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, etc.) come from the Greek word “pharmakeia” found in the NT. However, it is NOT translated as “medicine.” 

What does pharmakeia and its forms mean? Thayer{1} points out it did originally mean drug, but was used more for poisoning (Plato), and in the NT for magical arts and sorcery (never translated medicine in NT or LXX). Pharmakeia is used in Revelation 9:21 and is translated as “sorceries.”

Good Intentions Go Awry

While modern human medicines had started out with good intentions, it seems to me things went haywire in the 1960s and have just gotten worse as time progresses.  

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  1. Whooper! Forgot to insert the image. Will save it for another time. I will not bother to submit a fix.

  2. nice post !

  3. Great info! I really believe in natural methods of healing such as herbs, hydrotherapy, good nutrition etc. Your research puts a whole new spin on the word p-HARM-acy. :)

  4. Good to be pondered.

  5. You are right on, Brother. I have a relative who works at pharmacy and we see the negative effects of using medications in a wrong way all the time, sadly even among believers.

    Some of them even voted for sinful parties that promoted homosexuality and abortions for any reason just because they also promised healthcare. All of them suffer from one sickness after another and I don’t think it is a coincidence. They put their hands with the wicked and it opened the door for the enemy to afflict them. Many belivers do not even consider fornication a sin nor do their spiritual leaders, and I observed that often a disaese of the spirit leads to the disease of the body.

  6. The Lord taught me early in my walk to trust Him for what I call divine health, to receive renewal in my body by His Life in me and by His grace except for very ocasional medicinal relief of headache or menstrual pain, I have been medication free for more than 13 years, and my husband for over 20 years. Many people think we are decades younger than we really are thanks to His life in us, and a responsible healthy lifestyle. God bless.

  7. i was the looking for the same and related info, what you describe on your article. And found you through google search. Its helps me a lots and i understood that you are one of skill article writer/ blogger. I have book marked your blog and hope to visit again to learn more. Thanks for your valuable efforts and time.

  8. Thanks.

  9. Excellent post… lets keep our health..

  10. I agree with you whole heartedly or wholy depending how you look at it physically or spiritually. Jesus said to clean the inside of the cup 1st then the rest of the cup would come clean. Physically we worry about cleaning the outside of the body more than the inside. God has been cleaning me up of all the bad foods I was eating that was causing my body to react to them in a bad way. Cleaning me from the inside out. I’ve been free of drugs for over 15 years now. My face no longer has pimples & my hair has stop falling out. My 2 brothers 1-2 years older & the other 2 years younger then me, are both bald on top.
    Each time I came off a fast God would tell me to avoid eating certain foods because they where’nt good for me, or anyone for that matter! God still cares to show us what is good & what is evil in this world!

  11. most medications / drugs just get rid of the symptoms or pain etc. but not the problem. Its like cutting the tree at the branches but not getting to the root of the tree or problem. God wants us to get the roots out, so we no longer have the pain etc. not just block the feelling of the pain, so we think the problem is gone when it is still festering away in our bodies. Pain or symptoms are good in that it lets us know we have a problem. But if we just kill those symptoms or pain, they will come back when the medications wear off & the problem gets worst, because We think we feel better, while taking them. Most preachers give us sermons that tickle our ears make us feel better, so we think we have sovled the problem, while its festering away inside of us! then we wonder why so many christains are dying of different diseases asking why did God take them so soon etc. Even God can’t help them if he heals them, then they go back to partake of what was causing the problem in the 1st place. Let God heal you from the inside-out.

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