Adolescence problems.

Beauty is a divine gift, it is emanating from God and it is our sacred duty to guard it. But, regrettably, quacks are causing a great damage to the beauty culture that is meant to be very attractive. Taking advantages of the enhancing beauty consciousness between women, there has been a mushroom growth of the so-called beauty clinics or beauty parlors. Do not underestimate pimples or black heads; be cautious as soon as they start giving their formal appearances. Though it is a matter of general knowledge that pimple appear during the changing years of adolescence, these may leave their permanent marks on your face, showing your negligence and detrimental to your looks. Not all the beauty parlors are run and managed by expert’s person with special knowledge.
Most of us those who confess to restore and revive your looks are only money making business establishments and are dangerous to fall into their trap because they are manner by untrained beauticians.  The experiment caused infection and the women developed burning and pricking sensation and had a high temperature. Blackheads should be cleaned regularly and the gadgets should be kept in hydrogen peroxide before use. Even a beautiful face and a smooth skin, if effected by acne, loose its charm. Pimple dries in a couple of days but the marks remain permanent.  It may result in pus pimples due to the presence of infectious bacteria embodied in the pimples.
Pus pimples can be burst wit the help of a sterilized needle. The needle is sterilized on a flame and the pimple are pierced to its root.  The puss is removed by pressing the sides. A clean the pimple is should be wrapped around fingers for pressing pimples. Pus should be cleaned with a clean the pimple is and the  pimple is part should be dabbed with a thin solution of hydrogen peroxide.

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