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Carrots Prevent You From Osteoporosis, Blindness and Tumors

Carrots can be very beneficial for our vision, protective to cancer, preventive to osteoporosis and useful for heavy smokers.


Blindness for The Sighted

Things that can make life easier when you deal with blind people.

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I Saw a Blind Man Selling Pencils

When I read the newspapers locally of how some dope dealing gang got arrested it makes me angry, for I saw a blind man selling pencils.


Stem Cell Treatment for Blindness Under Lens

One treatment, admired between the parents of blind children, has been branded “child abuse” by a top British stem cell researcher because of its potential risks.



General Information on Blindness.


How to Reduce Eye Strain While on the Computer

A short yet descriptive how-to on ways to help reduce eye strain/damage while using your computer.


Mother’s Eyes

Onset of certain diseases with age.


These Blind Eyes See

During college I experienced an unusual problem with my vision. Over time I gained not only my eyesight, but my inner sight as well.


Dark Circles

As the word suggests, it is the inability to see clearly in the night or in the dark. This condition may be brought on by hereditary factors, fatigue or emotional disturbances. One of the major causes of night blindness could be a deficiency of vitamin A.


Strokes and Loved Ones

Learning about a stroke and knowing warning signs.