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Caring for a Sick Cat

When we face caring for a pet when they are ill it can be a daunting task. Caring for a sick cat requires a little extra attention, but following a few tips can aid in a full recovery for your pet.


Intoxicated Amy

An ear-splitting screech broke the stillness, and I ran toward the greenhouse. It could only be Amy, probably needing help. The door was open, and she laid, ears flattened back, hissing in fury at the black cat rolling about in ecstasy among the catnip!

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Basic Natural Food for Cats

Cats are carnivores by definition, so they eat meat. You can not just bring it to graze in a pasture. The digestive system of cats has been shortened and transformed optimally proteins from the meal. They simply do not have the digestive or dental appliance to transform plant products. This is somewhat surprising, considering their physical inability to transform plants, you always find cats that eat the plants occasionally. There are many theories on why cats grignoteraient plants. They might be trying to balance a disturbed digestion or add vitamins and minerals missing. Sometimes they simply love the taste. Perhaps it is a combination of these factors. Nothing has been scientifically established on the subject.

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Weight Loss Diets for Cats

Helping your cat lose the weight can help him avoid disease and health issues!


How Not to Spoil Your Cat

Get that Princess into shape and back to normal!


Looking After Your Dog, Part Eleven - Older Dogs

Looking After Your Dog, Part Eleven - Older Dogs.

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Your Cat or Kitten Will Love You More, When You Follow This Guide to Feline Feeding

Your Cat or Kitten Will Love You More, When You Follow this Guide to Feline Feeding.

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Why Training Your Dog Could be The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Pet

Why Training Your Dog Could be the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Pet.


Coolest of Cats

It only takes the faintest whiff to be on the air, when it comes to a very particular plant, and all the cats for miles around are drawn like moths to a flame.


THE Power of PET Therapy

The following is a true story about a lady named Mary, a cat named Bing and my experience as a therapist in using Pet Therapy to assist my patients in attaining a new and greater quality of life. Read more…