Here are five types of toys that a baby needs for good overall development between the ages of zero and six months.

Toys play an important role in the development and learning process of a child. Make sure you give your child the right toys and the opportunity to learn.

  1. Rattles:

    Give the baby different types of rattles and sound making or musical toys. This is how a baby learns about sound. Avoid very loud or noisy toys, as they may scare or disturb the baby.
  2. Mouthing Toys:

    Babies explore the world using their mouths. Give the baby different types of toys which he can bite or mouth. Also, make sure that ALL the baby's toys are always clean, because you can be sure that your baby will put them into his mouth.
  3. Mobiles:

    Hang colorful mobiles above the baby. They can be of different sizes or shapes or can even be sound making. Mobiles help in the visual development of the baby.
  4. Stuffed Toys:

    Allow your baby to play with different textures. You can give the baby small stuffed toys that he/she can play with or even pieces of cloth of different textures. This will help to develop your baby's sense of touch.
  5. Colorful Posters:

    This is not exactly a toy, but put up pictures and posters in the baby's room that are bright and colorful. This is also important for the baby's learning and sensory development.