Choose Your Way to a Better Life

Learn in to make quality choices in life to improve yourself.

Life is full of decisions. We make them everyday, at every moment. What you will wear, what you’ll eat, how you’ll spend your time or what you want to say.

Decisions are a part of us. If the statement ‘Life is what you make it’ is true then it hinges around the idea that life is how you choose it to be. It is through our choices that we shape our life.

Now, though you might not realise this, sometimes people let other people make choices for them. Choices that affect their own lives. If you do not make your own choices, then automatically, someone else is making them for you, either directly or indirectly.

How happy am I with my life right now? I think that I am the happiest that I’ve ever been. This is because I don’t have anything to point out in my life that needs removal, and I believe that the future holds better things for me.

I’m not bitter about anything at all. Bitterness can make life miserable and it has always been something that I avoid at all times.

I am actively pursuing my passions and that, I think, is the main reason behind my happiness. My passions add meaning to my life and without them, life wouldn’t be worth living.

These three types of attitudes are quite interesting to think about. Someone once used an imagery I find very insightful to explain the three. In life, when the wind of trouble blows you off course, the three attitudes cause you to react differently to the situation.

The pessimist sees the wind and complains about it. That’s all.

The optimist sees the wind and believes that it will change direction, and so he waits for it to change.

The realist sees the wind and simply changes the sails. He uses the wind to continue to propel himself toward his destination. He doesn’t complain, or wait for it to change, he acts.

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