Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are due to the tearing of the lower layers of your skin. There are no solutions to completely remove stretch marks, but there are certain ways to make them less noticeable. Oils, such as coconut oil, can be used as a preventative measure and as a treatment. By using coconut oil during the development of stretch marks, you can reduce their creation. For those of us who already have stretch marks, coconut oil can make them less apparent and cause the skin to become more healthy.

How Does Coconut Oil Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks?

Coconut oil contains fats that play a role in making cells more durable. This helps the skin by making it less likely to tear during times when the skin is stretched, normally during pregnancy. Extra weight may also pull down on the skin, so even when the size of the area is not increasing, coconut oil can protect the skin from extra wear. When the skin is losing size or weight, coconut oil will help reconstitute the cell structure as it is reforming.

Coconut oil can be used at all times. It also has many other uses. Coconut oil can be used to treat burns
or protect the skin from mild sun exposure when there is no lotion nearby. It can also be used as a disinfectant on wounds. When used in the hair, coconut oil will both strengthen hair and make it shiny. Coconut oil may also remove stains from teeth when it is used as a mouthwash. It may also be used as a facial rub or base for lotions. We invite you to experiment with coconut oil and share your experiences and insights with our community.

Preventative Care and Treatment: Coconut Oil for Stretchmarks

Pregnancy, for obvious reasons, may cause stretch marks to appear. But there are other reasons that they may be produced. During times when we gain weight, stretch marks can make their presence known. Certain exercises, particularly extreme stretches, certainly may cause stretch marks to appear. Stretch marks do not also appear on the stomach, as they may also appear on the chest, under the arms, on the thighs, under the buttocks, and other such areas. This is normal and most people have stretch marks.

You can use coconut oil at all times. You do not need to wait until you are at risk of stretch mark production to begin caring for your skin. Use coconut oil at all times to enhance the durability of your skin cells. When you find out that you are pregnant or gaining weight, use coconut oil twice a day to help your skin prepare for stretching. When you are far into your pregnancy, use coconut oil whenever you feel like you want to use it. Before exercising, using coconut oil can help your body prepare for stretches.

Most of us that have stretch marks have gained them without prior preventative care. You may be here to determine how you can care for the stretch marks that already exist on your body. There is good news, by using coconut oil twice a day on your stretch marks, you can reduce the appearance of the markings. By using coconut oil daily, you can reduce the coloration and contrast that appear on the stretch marks. In at little as a few weeks, you may notice a reduction in color, contrast and even texture.

Usage Options for Coconut Oil

Using plain coconut oil will help your body in the ways that have been described. However, there are other options that you can use as well. The oil itself is an excellent base for mineral scrubs, essential oils, herb mixtures, and anything that you already use for skin care.

Mineral scrubs, like those found in facial masks and hand lotions, may also be used for stretch marks. By mixing your favorite mineral scrubs with liquid coconut oil, you can make your skin incredibly soft to the touch. This may reduce the texture differences throughout the area of the marks. You may find that the raised and lowered portions of your marks are less noticeable and more pleasant to the touch.

Essential oils and other pleasant scents may be mixed with warmed coconut oil. While caring for your skin, you may also make yourself smell great. There is no reason to use potentially harmful perfumes when you can mix your favorite essential oils with your coconut oil routine. Using a mixture of vanilla, orange and almond essential oils with your coconut oil can enhance your presence in any room.

For those of us who enjoy using herbal remedies, coconut oil has a home as well. By mixing ground or chopped herbs, such as rose or chamomile, with coconut oil, you can create a daily skin care cream that is sure to support healthy skin. You may also use it as a facial cream, hand lotion, or foot rub.

There is no reason to limit your coconut oil creation to stretch marked areas. Give yourself an entire body care day. You can use coconut oil from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Use a salt based mineral rub on your face and neck, a menthol infused salve for your chest and upper body, chamomile and coconut oil for your stretch marks, Shea butter and coconut oil for your legs, and beautifully scented essential oil infused coconut oil for your hands and feet.

Other Ways to Use Coconut Oil

There is no reason to limit yourself to what has been listed above. Experiment with coconut oil mixtures that you find pleasing. Work out new lotions and salves that you find soothing and pleasant. Create new scrubs that leave your skin feelings refreshed and rejuvenated. Share your ingredients and production techniques with our other readers. Learn from other community members about their latest creations. Help others determine new ways to care for their skin. Take an active role in our community and support each other with kind words and insightful comments. We look forward to hearing from you about your inventions and ideas!

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