Colds are Generally Harmless- Know When Can It Get Harmful and Needs Attention

Colds is more popularly known as common cold, which is basically a viral infection. If affects the upper respiratory tract of a person, which are throat and nose.

Colds or common cold is generally harmless. However, you may not feel the same when you suffer from this issue. Common cold makes the patient suffer from either, some or all of these symptoms- runny nose, watery, eyes, sore throat, congestion, sneezing and cough. There are more than hundred viruses that can make you suffer from it. The symptoms and signs vary with the virus that causes it in a person. Though small children are more susceptible to this problem, but healthy adults are also at a risk to suffer from it a few times in a year.

It takes typically one week to two week for a person to recover from this medical condition. However, if somebody suffers from the symptoms for a prolonged time, then he must immediately visit the doctor. People may also suffer from additional symptoms like low-grade fever, slight body ache, mild headache and mild fatigue when having common cold.

As the condition progresses, you would find that your nasal discharge is becoming thicker and having yellow or green color. Colds are different from viral infections. This is because you would not have a high fever or excessive fatigue when suffering from this problem. However, you must see a doctor if you have high fever accompanied with chills, sweating and cough with phlegm is different color. Visit your doctor if you have severe sinus pain or swollen glands.

Rhinovirus is the most common and a highly contagious virus that causes common cold. Though some or the other kind of cold viruses are always present in the environment, yet there are certain risk factors that infect a person with common cold. For instance age is an important factor. Mostly children and elderly people are susceptible to cold. This depends on the immunity of the person since a healthy adult is more immune to viruses than kids or aged people. However, an adult with a weakened immune system can catch cold almost immediately as soon as he gets in contact with the virus. The time of the year, is also an important reason for people catching common cold. Most people suffer from this problem during fall and winter. In warmer regions, the problem is more frequent during rainy season.

Colds cannot be treated. Whether you take antibiotics or not, the problem would be there as long as it is meant to be. Taking any kind of medication would only worsen the problem. It is better to make some changes in your daily life to make yourself comfortable while having common cold. For instance, you should drink lots of fluids, have chicken soup, take proper rest, make your room warm, use nasal drops and soothe your throat with saltwater gargle. Try to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, caffeine as these could worsen your situation. The best way to prevent yourself from having this condition is to maintain personal hygiene at every step and avoiding cold places.

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