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A Remedy for All: More Than a Cure for Vampires

As recently as 1900 garlic was recommended by some doctors as a cure for tuberculosis. During World War I, it was believed that it could fight dysentery; and World War II, saw it being used on battle wounds to prevent septic poisoning and gangrene. Even the world-famous Albert Schweitzer used garlic to cure cholera and typhus. In the Soviet Union, garlic is so popular for fighting colds and flu that it is known as “Russian penicillin”; in China it has been used for centuries to treat high blood pressure.

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Grief Damages Immunity: Natural Ways to Help

Sadness and seasonal depression, loss and grief are weakening to energy and immunity. T cells decrease. Asian herbs for preventing colds, fatigue, and heart weakness can protect you all winter and anytime.


Inner-ear Infection

The inner part of the ear has fluid filled chambers that help control balance and when this becomes infected the function of balance is affected resulting in dizziness.


Asthma and Medications for Children and Teens and When They are at College or University

This will discuss the medications children and teen takes.


How to Treat a Baby’s Cold

How can a parent help a baby with cold feel better?

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Colds and Flu Treatments with Ayurvedic Herbs

The best way to prevent colds and flu is to build immunity daily with a smart diet and the right herbs. If you do catch a cold or flu, easily available Ayurvedic herbs such as neem can reduce fever and kill germs. Here is how to stay safe and well at work and home.

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Worried About The H1n1 Virus? Take Your Vitamin D!

Plain Jane vitamin D can significantly boost your immune health and help protect you from a slew of winter ailments, including the H1N1 virus. But you may not be getting enough.


Healing Foods Against Colds and Flu

Combating these illnesses could only add more hassle to a student’s already hectic schedule. Aside from taking vitamins and drinking enough liquids, it is also advisable for us spices that we can include in our daily menu that not only adds texture to our taste buds but could also keep the dreaded colds and flu at bay.


Home Doctoring: Chesty Cough Due to Colds

Natural remedy for chesty cough.

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Colds? Don’t Worry!

Getting a cold is a very miserable time for children. They may whine, and shout. How do you get your child to feel and get better?