Comfort Level

Has yours increased?

Remember being a kid? All you wanted to do was to not get laughed at. If you did everything right then you wouldn’t get noticed. Because when people laughed, it was at you and not with you.

Then as you got older, became a teen, then getting attention even being laughed at wasn’t so bad. You realized that you might get red in the face but you didn’t die or anything really terrible would happen when the joke was on you.

Of course, in your early adult years you were too busy to think about what others said regarding your personality or style. As long as you could get along and make due, that was the focus then.

By your mid-life crisis, you notice that something was terribly wrong if you can’t just find a bright shining moment on occasion. Oh, what the heck…maybe it’s time to just make those moments. Dance in the grocery isle if a great oldie comes on. Smile and wave at a stranger not because you feel happy, but because you know that to share a positive connection with another living being increases your dopamine and make you both feel better. Just realizing that the phenylethylamine in a few glances a day is better than all the chocolate bars you could attempt to eat has to be worth something right?

How much of this is outside of your comfort level? Just changing the perception of what is actually inside your comfort level and adding to it in such a small way can boost your immune system and lower your stress levels. So just be yourself, even if that means you don’t always act in a mature way. It could be the most mature decision you make this year.

But watch out! Changing your habits can lead to other questionable decisions. Like eating a fresh fruit or taking a walk every day. Then you are going to throw your doctors’ schedules off by not getting sick as many times and more people might want to hang out with you just because they want to see what you might do next.

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