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How to Fall Asleep When Not Tired

Although it seems an easy take for most of us, there are a few of you out there (probably reading this) who simply can’t manage it.

The basics

Firstly I guess the basics is in order for those of you who actually don’t know the simple concept of how to fall asleep. Sleep for the majority of us isn’t an issue as it’s the natural instinctive thing we’ve done as far back as we can remember. First of you make yourself comfortable (usually requiring lying down on a bed, turning off the lights, dressing yourself in comfortable clothes e.g. pajama’s or underwear), next you want to close your eye’s and relax. You will eventually fall asleep if you do nothing buy keep your eye’s closed and relaxed, of course there are a few interfering factors e.g. are you even Tired over to are you an insomniac.

Why are you wondering how you can make yourself fall asleep ?

You genuinely need to think this over to get a less ambiguous and basic response from writer’s like myself as if you're looking to make yourself fall asleep quickly then I suggest that you search “how can I make myself fall asleep quickly” on Google or any other search engine. If you suspect that you are an insomniac then I suggest you consult a medical expert despite me hearing stories of people not sleeping for tremendous amounts of time you may be doing more harm to yourself than good if you're trying to stay an insomniac.

Why medication can I take to make my self fall asleep ?

There are a huge number of remedies ranging from night-nurse to morphine on the other end of the scale (which I do not advise taking, if you are just trying to go to bed so you can wake up for work on time in the morning). The issue with sleep medication is that there are likely to be side effects (which can range from you feel high over to you growing hair on your back) and drug tolerance is apparent in pretty much all medication, so if you are planning to use sleep pills long-term then again consult a medical expert so you don’t find yourself dependent or heavily addicted.

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