Contaminated Alcohol Prep Pads Cause Death

Contaminated alcohol prep pads were distributed to hospitals that caused infections and death. Millions of dollars of products have been sized from two plants.

Two Wisconsin based companies that are owned by the same people, H&P Industries and Triad Group have been determined to be the cause of infections and death by distributing contaminated alcohol prep pads. I heard on TV  that  The Food And Drug Administration has been aware of the companies contaminated products since 2009 and had done nothing to stop production.

The companies also distribute vaginal lubricants, nasal sprays, and other products. According to the MSNBC news report, the agency didn’t consider it a health threat until a young boy underwent brain surgery in a Houston Hospital  and a bacterial infection killed him. The parents of the child have filed a law suit.

A child from Colorado with leukemia was also treated for a life threatening infection after being treated with contaminated wipes. The Centers for Disease Control concluded  that contaminated wipes from this company were used on both children. Bacillus cereus and other bacteria were found on the wipes.

The FDA sized millions of dollars worth of products from the manufacturing plant, after asking them  to stop shipping the products. I wonder how many of us have these alcohol wipes in our medicine cabinets. I checked mine and don’t see these company names on the packaging. I know I will remember H&P and Triad when I buy alcohol wipes next. The next thing to worry about is how many other companies are selling contaminated wipes. On second thought I might just use my own alcohol next time.

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