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As Long as I’m Comfortable with, as Hard as I’m Comfortable with

Why I think fitness expert Jillian Micheals is giving bad advice.


Rare Disease: She Eats Sofas and Can Not Stop. Last Year She Ate Seven

A woman, mother of a child of five years, was diagnosed with Pica Syndrome after he went to the doctor to treat addiction … sofas.

Adele Edwards in Bradenton, Florida, eats the couch cushions bellows 21. He sought help after he realized that things were out of control.


Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu

Your doctor might have already prescribed you the pills, but old time natural remedies can help too.

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Fitness vs. Couch, Ouch!

This is a sensitive issue… Please do not feel guilty, rather make daily changes. This is to inspire you…