Customize The Makeup With Your Body Type

Maybe you know how to look pretty, but there are times when someone feels there is not comprehensive in their appearance. Well now you should begin to understand that perfect beauty.

Tall Body

Which women does not want to have a high body like a model? It seems that the trend is the body of a super model would be ideal for women. However you should be able to integrate a well proportioned shape of height and weight. Generally, women who have a high body has a hard facial bones and eye shape is less symmetrical.

Make-up Solution:
To get the perfect makeup effects, avoid shading techniques (drawing shadows on your face with powder and foundation). It will only add to the impression of hard on the bones. Use a soft cheek with a vague sweep as well as to balance the eye structure using scotch (tape eye). In order to not visible imprint on the eyelids, blend with pink eye shadow or white highlights.

Short body

No need to embarrassed when a woman has a short body. Generally, short stature due to shape of the foot that are not too long so that the body impressed “sink”. Generally, women who are short have facial structure tend to be long and thin, the smile lines around the mouth too firm.

Solution Make-up:
Face the tapered impressed (impressed narrow at the bottom) should not wear too much cheek (blush-on) is excessive, especially bright colors. Choose a memorable soft like barbie pink or off white.

Within make-up is recommended to not wear foundation and powder too thick because it will increase the firm smile lines. You do not want to look old while smile right?

Fat Body

You do not have to worry with fat body. There are some tips that can make you look different from the posture of the fat body. Generally, a woman who is overweight will have a contrasting facial structure, which forms a large round cheeks and eyelids combined with a minor. For that you must pay attention to some of his tricks.

Solution Make-Up:
Within putting on make-up foundation and powder to avoid a too light of skin. This will give the impression you look bigger. Choose a matching color. For Asian people generally feel beige color powder, translucent, ivory or off-white is often a choice.

Avoid the use of eye make-up too bright as bright eye shadow colors and lights and eyebrows too thick. Key makeup is soft where you are impressed with the makeup you wear. As shading correction techniques in use under the chin, cheeks, and forehead to give the impression of thin or soft on the face with the powder one level older than the color of skin.

Proportional body

According to experts on beauty and fashion, proportional body shape is the shape of the body is supported with a long body and legs are balanced. A woman will look confident with this performance. Only the owner of this figure often complain about the waist and face shape too wide or large.

Solution Make-up:
For the best eye make-up using eyebrow denagn hidari box shape because it will make the face seem wider. Should eyebrow shape is slightly curved and thin. Use the technique of shading between the cheek bone to the bottom of the chin to give the impression of a gaunt face. So is the use of cheek cheek should also use at the bottom of the cheek bone to give the impression of an oval face. So easy is not it?

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