Dad Had Surgery for His Hearing

Out patient surgery.

My dad is very hard of hearing, he has been that way since I was little. He has always had to wear hearing aids.
About two years ago he had surgery where they drilled a whole, put in a magnet in his head and put the hearing aid on the outside of his left ear.

Well the tube fell out  and he was told it was because he had such brittle


Dad decided to try the new Cochlear implant. He had his surgery this morning.
He arrived at about 7 and had his surgery on time. He was in recovery by 10 am and my sister took him home by 11 am. It amazes me how many surgeries are now on an out patient basis.

Luckily, he lives right next door so my sister and I can check on him. He is a bit groggy and dizzy but he is up and around. I just hope he does not push himself.

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