Daily Walking for Better Health

This column is about the health benefits of taking a brisk walk, every day.

My doctor concluded that Anxiety was the major issue, making me feel worn out and physically sick. When he suggested making an appointment with a psychologist, it was like getting a slap across the face. Humiliated and in disbelief, I bluntly answered, ‘No, thank you,’ and begrudgingly paid for that days office call. What an insult, insinuating that emotional upset can cause a truck-load of physical symptoms. Was he actually implying that I was mentally unstable? This made my blood start to boil and immediately went surfing on the Internet for some good feedback. Many websites cover an alphabetical list of health conditions, have an index describing symptoms and even have M.D.s on call, who answer any questions you might have. This lady did her homework, finding out that some of what my doctor said was actually GOOD advice. He suggested taking a brisk walk every day. So, I invested in a pretty good pair of walking sneakers and started taking a daily walk.


We already know, that exercise plays a very important part in keeping our body in good shape. Little did I realize along with getting better muscle tone, I also received some unexpected benefits, too. My blood sugar runs a little high, putting me at risk of developing the dreaded disease, Diabetes. After a couple weeks of daily walking, my glucose levels started to stabilize, and fluctuate a lot less. My circulation isn’t as good as it should be, yet after exercising it was noticeably improved. My sleep had been disrupted and I usually woke up off and on throughout the night. After starting my walking regime, this started improving, also. Not only did I feel physically much better, the crippling anxiety was slowly, but surely, becoming less of a problem.

In conclusion, my doctor understood a lot more about Anxiety, than he received credit for! None the less we are still scouting around, trying to find a new Family Physician. Compassion and kindness are two imperative qualities, to be a good doctor!

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