Dangers of Alcohol Heroin / Cocaine

Dangers of alcohol was greater than heroin or cocaine, according to new research.

In an article published in the medical journal Lancet, the drugs expert Professor David Nutt, a former chairman of the government’s drugs advisory England, introducing a new way to measure the damage caused (misuse) of drugs that assess the danger at the individual level as well as the danger to the community as a whole.

The results of the analysis showed that when both of the above factors combined, alcohol abuse is the most dangerous or damaging, only then heroin and then cocaine.

The paper was written by Professor Nutt of Imperial College London, and the Independent Science Committee on Drugs, Dr. Leslie King, who is a UK Expert Adviser for Monitoring Center on Drugs and Addiction Europe, as well as Dr. Lawrence Philips of the London School of Economics and Political Science, as quoted by the Telegraph on November 1, 2010.

The new assessment uses nine categories of danger to self and seven categories of hazards to the community as a whole variety of individuals.

The categories “danger to self” itself covers death or mortality, poor health, decreased intellect, loss of friendships and injury.

The categories “danger to others” include crime, environmental damage, family conflict and decline in community unity.

Heroin, cocaine and crystal meth or methamphetamine are the drugs most harmful to the individual, whereas alcohol, heroin and cocaine are the most harmful to others.

The example shows that in addition to drugs that are most harmful overall, alcohol is almost three times as dangerous as cocaine or tobacco.

It also suggests that alcohol over five times more dangerous than previously mefedron legal in the UK but later classified as a controlled drug of class B in April 2010.

Ecstasy of media attention over the last two decades only one-eighth as dangerous as alcohol in this new analysis.

The experts concluded: “Our findings support previous research conducted in the UK and the Netherlands confirmed that the drugs classification system is currently little relation to the evidence of harm.”

They also agree with the conclusion of previous expert reports that target the very serious dangers of alcohol as a public health strategy is legitimate and necessary.

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