Deadly Deception No. 1: Coronary Bypass Surgery is an Absolute “Must” When Your Arteries are Clogged with Plaque

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Coronary bypass surgery for atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) is BIG business in America. Cardiologists do more than 400,000 bypasses a year, helping to fuel the $200 billion-a-year high-tech heart industry in this country.

A bypass surgery creates a detour or “bypass” around clogged, hardened arteries to restore blood flow to your heart using veins grafted from other parts of your body. But what heart surgeons aren’t telling you is…

  Up to 85 percent of bypass surgeries are done on patients who don’t meet the criteria for this surgery.

In its journal, the American Medical Association admits that 44 percent of all coronary bypass surgeries are performed for inappropriate reasons.

 As many as HALF of all bypass surgeries fail, requiring another bypass!

 Recuperations from this highly invasive surgery can take months, and some patients suffer lifetime impairments such as memory loss, chronic inflammation, even depression!

There’s zero proof that bypass surgery does much more than relieve heart pain, except in 15 percent of patients with very specific heart problems.

  Up to 30 percent of vein grafts become blocked within one year.

  The risk of death of bypass surgery can be as high as 15 percent, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

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