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Diseases Causing Deafness and Hearing Loss

Diseases Causing Deafness and Hearing Loss.


Sound Without Limits: Harmful to Our Health

Rock concerts, rush-hour traffic, construction work - modern life is a noisy business, and our ears are constantly bombarded with sounds, some too low or too high for us to hear. But whether audible or not, sound has a strong.

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Music to The Ears

No one knows but music is bad for your ears! Music will slowly turn you deaf and give you worse hearing as you get older.


How to Detect Deafness on Your Baby

You have baby, you have suspicion deafness, how will you check.


Why Does One Become Deaf?

At the outset, we must understand that deafness and hard of hearing are not the same. Deafness means nearly complete or total loss of hearing. Hard-of-hearing applies to those who lose some ability to hear sounds. Deafness is either congenital or caused by some disease or accident after birth.