Dealing with Depression Even with Medication

Medication should never be the only way to handle depression and anxiety, having friends and family, and love ones around is just one way to help.

While many people believe depression is just a state of mind, for many it is a big obstacle in their lives. For many though they suffer sadness for no apparent reason, while others became depression after losing a loved one; and they were just not able to get “shake” away from the depressing feelings. Many people think about suicide after losing a love one, or attempt to hurt themselves while others just don’t want to get out of bed.

They get to a point that they feel they are unable to function, it is at this time they may seek medical attention; but that is not always the answer.

Taking medication requires intense monitoring since there are side effects that can become a deeper issues, it also takes time to find the right medication and dosage. For many it may take months before finding any relief. After finding the medication that works best for the individual, then it is time for that individual to take charge of their life. There are several things they can do to help alleviate the depression, your aim is to learn how to deal with life and what it brings to us; so that slowly the doctor can lower the dosage until finally your feeling better without medication. Some things you can do to help yourself is to learn to meditate, nothing fantasy, just practice looking at a favorite photo, then close your eyes and picture yourself there. Try to imagine how the air would feel? How would the air smell? Is there grass or an ocean? Try to stay focused on any great feelings you may get by doing this and just relax; even if it is for only five to ten minutes, it’s a break in the day; it your ten minute break.

 Some other things you can do is get involved with family activities, or activities within the community; seek out the things you used to enjoy and give it a try, keeping yourself busy during a “low” can help you get through it.

This is the time to turn to friends and family; or seek out a support group! Having someone who genuinely cares about you can make all the difference in the world between improving your state of mind and staying depressed. A good friend is there to get you through many things in life, sometimes even if it is just a shoulder to cry on, but knowing that person is there makes all the difference in the world. Surround yourself with positive, social people can also help you get back on your feet, if your depressed the last thing you need is someone telling you their woes and horror stories. 

Support groups are available you have to talk to your doctor about this, most patients who take anti depressants see a psychiatrist, as well as a psychologist to help work through your depression and get you on the path of learning how to deal with situations. Learning how to deal with life and anxiety is what the purpose is when you seek medical attention, not to become dependent upon medication to make you happy and relieve anxiety. Be aware that staying on certain medication can cause you to become dependent upon the medication, with can lead to more anxiety and depression if and when the doctor starts to cut back the dosages.

Reading and looking into depression and anxiety is another way to help you, knowledge is power, and the more you know about how you’re feeling the more you can learn different ways to cope with situations going on around you and in your life.

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