Depression – How to Love Yourself

Targeting self-hatred in depression, and using the natural power of your mind to turn the tides.

When you suffer depression, you tend to suffer persistent feelings of hopelessness and helplessness as well – your mind is on a negative spiral, that in terms of the law of attraction (in which your thoughts create your reality), you only attract more reasons and experiences that feed this overwhelming sense of hopelessness and helplessness.

When you hate yourself and blame yourself, you are unintentionally bringing into your life more reasons to hate yourself, and this is a sickness in itself. However, these feelings don’t have to last forever, they don’t even have to continue after you have finished reading this. YOU have the power to stop this, you have the power to love yourself and in turn attract love into your life.

Here is how:

1.     First you must make a commitment to yourself. Ask yourself do you really want to stop hating yourself? Do you really want to beat depression? Do you want to use your will and start the reversal of this negative mind-set?

2.     Once the answers to the above questions are all YES. Congratulate yourself on your beneficial decision.

3.     Next, you must begin to tell yourself,  as often as you can that ‘I am willing and able to love myself’, and, ‘Everyone deserves to be happy, including myself’. Tell yourself these two powerful affirmations as often as you can, before you sleep, when you wake up, when you are looking in the mirror, and whenever you find yourself feeling down, or with a relatively empty mind. You may find that at first, your words may fall flat – feeling light without much meaning, but, this is okay! The more you tell yourself over the duration of a week or so, the more meaning will come to your words. Remember not everyone can change overnight, but nothing can change without a start.

4.     While you continue the above step, look into the mirror each day, and pick something you like about your appearance – maybe you love how long your eyelashes are, so, tell yourself ‘I love my long lashes’. Maybe you like your hair, tell yourself ‘I love my hair’, give your reflection a smile. If you struggle with finding something to love about yourself, then don’t get upset or disappointed with yourself. Changing your mind and targeting depression is a huge step, that requires small effective steps at a time – just tell yourself how proud you are that you are changing. Do this every day.

5.     Pamper yourself, whether you buy chocolate and watch movies, whether you take time painting your nails, or clean your prized car – do things that you enjoy, or that make you feel special. You deserve it. Get the sun on your skin, and live. Don’t mope around all day, or shut yourself off in a dark house or room. Don’t contradict your affirmations.

These are guideline steps to getting through depression with the power of your will and mind. They are effective, but the cure to depression, lies you. The best thing to know though, is that you CAN do it. Believe in yourself, and know that you deserve love and happiness, no matter what.

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