Did a DWP Worker Really Say That?

Online bullying.

An employee of a job center in England is being investigated for comments she allegedly said over Facebook to an unemployed father of three, those from other countries and even people here will not realize that there is a new wave of a campaign of hatred against the unemployed or people claiming to be disabled, The first wave I wrote about some time ago and those who have not realized Britain and especially this government are in the middle of a hearts and minds campaign to rid Britain of unemployment and disability, but of course there are no jobs in certain area’s, cuts to benefits, extra taxes are leading people to beg at food banks for food for their starving children.

I also wrote about people committing suicide because they simply cannot afford to live, well the alleged words of this Department Of Works Pensions ( +DWP ) were ” You are a drain on Society, get a (swearing) job or go and hang yourself. I have the rope” Anybody who says that to anyone else should not only be sacked but should be put before a judge, if it was said in the street she would be arrested.. Online should be the same… Oh if she was to get fired for her disgusting rant, does that mean she is scum too, I presume she will see even the most decent people like university graduated can be unemployed!


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